Saturday, November 12, 2011

More Begging

I know I often get on here and beg you to do something that will benefit me in some way! :) IF you use Facebook, could you PLEASE do the following.

"Like" Chase Community Giving
"Search" for Northwest Equine Stewardship Center
"Vote" for Northwest Equine Stewardship Center

Chase Community Giving
The "Share" with your friends asking them to vote.

We just need to make it into the top 100. You have 10 votes and can only vote once for each charity. Feel free to post "suggestions" of how to use the other 9 votes in the comments section. This money could help us do SO much for so many horses. If you can't find it search for Denali Slew in the search bar and friend my horse. She has the link on her page.

Please? (Said in my most pathetic voice)


Barbara said...

I went to the site, gave GD chase access to my account, shared it on FB and Twitter and it says I can't vote because I have to install safari, give more access to my account and a whole f-----g list of crap that I am supposed to do. I will try once more and then delete the whole thing. I HATE CHASE BANK!!!!!
Not that any of this is your fault! :-)

Barbara said...

I tried again and could not vote, but I did post and twitter so maybe others will be able to.