Monday, November 21, 2011


DSC_0158 ladies
Denali meets Duchess for the first time.
DSC_0161 mares being mares
First, "I HATEZ YOU!"

DSC_0162 hussy part 2
Nah, I lovez you. (HUSSY!)

DSC_0167 pony neighbor
Denali meets Henry the Pony

DSC_0138 meeting of minds
Denali meets the herd of horses through the fence. The pony LOVES her!

DSC_0120 portrait
Beautiful Girl!!

DSC_0115 fenway
Unloading, and calm (unlike mom.)

DSC_0146 hussy

DSC_0116 where is everyone
Hello? Iz just sawz ponies. Wherez they go?

A million thank yous again to Ophie's mom who gave up her Sunday to not only horse handle, but to take the above awesome photos!! I love them! I have gotten several updates on Denali, and that makes me so happy. She is doing great. She went into her stall at some point over the night and they found her there munching this morning. They sent me a picture of just her nose (because she thought the camera was a cookie.) She looks bright eyed and really happy. It makes me feel really good that she's doing well.

I had to call up the vet hospital that they use today to set up an account. They had me go through the things that I authorize for them to treat, and things that I do not authorize. They asked me lots of questions, and it made me feel good about the move. I gave them our credit card account and an amount that they treat her without contacting us first.

Still can't believe that she's moved. It went so well. I'm so happy and feel so much less stress. Getting $1,000 bills each month takes a toll on ones sanity. I just hope that she does well at her new barn. I was happy that the caretaker told me she thought Denali could gain some weight. Makes me feel better that they want her a little fatter (instead of her looking fine, and maybe not trying to get weight on her.) She looks great for Denali, but anything extra that they can get on is great.

As for this blog, I'm not sure what to do with it. Do I stop here? Do I just pop in to do random Denali updates? Or include my new horsey exploits here? I don't know yet. Thoughts?

This week last year I was in intense pain emotionally and physically. A year ago we decided to put Denali down and my heart broke. I love the idea of retirement. She's still my girl, and she will always be my girl. This week is going so much better than last year! Yay Denali!


Snowhawk Przhevalsky said...

My opinion is: even if you don't continue to blog here much, keep blogging random updates about her!

If you want to keep things "neater," then start up another blog for other horsey exploits.

My 2 cents. :3

Ruffles said...

I'm so glad everything went well!! Denali looks happy and you sounds happy :)

Amy said...

How great they are updating you. IT sounds like she is in wonderful hands. My vote is to continue here with your progress and updates about Denali.

Sand. said...

Keep up with updates for us! They might come less frequently, but it's still great for the rest of us to know that she's doing great! : )

Kate said...

She looks like a big fuzzy teddy bear :) Glad the move w as event free!
I remember that storm last year; I was in Seattle visiting my sister. I've never seen weather like that there before... You can add that storm to your list of things that happen for a reason.

HammersArk said...

Please keep us updated on your progress as well as Denali's!

appydoesdressage said...

I am glad Denali is doing well at her new place. I say keep the blog up and share your upcoming adventures and of course keep us UTD on Denali! Some of us have been following for a very long time and would hate to never hear from her again.

Dom said...

Love seeing the body language in these photos.

SprinklerBandit said...

I vote keep the blog and update with your exploits, whether with D or with the fabulous sounding borrowed gelding or with something else entirely.

Are you still going to have to work a second (or third) job now?

AnEnglishRider said...

If you decide to stop here I'm going to really miss this blog :(

achieve1dream said...

She is so GORGEOUS in her dark winter coat :D The pictures are fantastic. I'm glad she's settling in so well and she's happy and you're happy and less stressed. ;)

I would be so sad if you quit blogging. I have no problem with you writing about your other horse exploits on here and I definitely would like Denali updates!