Thursday, April 9, 2009

APLL Dressage

I'm still getting over the fact that Denali will not kill me when I ride her. It's been really, REALLY hard. I just recently got over the fact that she isn't going to kill me on the ground. Saturday I freaked out and ended up bawling. I know that sounds crazy. Poor Denali. There was a lot going on outside the arena and she kept looking around. I got nervous and tensed every muscle on my body, so of course she was like "WTF? Something must be's freaking out..." BUT, she never actually freaked out. She stood there while Carolyn tried to convince me that I wasn't going to die. I couldn't do it and got off. Poor Denali, I put her in the cross ties and then started bawling.... I'll say crying actually, then I put her in he stall where apparently crying makes her nervous (Duh) because she kept pacing and nickering at me. Almost to say, "It's okay mom...It's okay." I let her back out and she nuzzled me. Made me feel better. I blamed her initially, but realized the problem isn't the horse, the problem is the rider. Sunday when I went back out Carolyn put me on the lunge line. I told her I was doing APLL Dressage now, and if I can find somewhere I'll compete. APLL- Advanced PonyLunge Line Dressage. I think I'll be really good at it. :)

Actually, I found pictures last night when I was organizing my computer of me riding her last summer. That's exciting, that means I have proof that I use to ride her! I even have a smile on my face!!

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