Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

So the plan was for me to go out today and hide apples for Denali and Ophelia in their field for them to have their own little "Easter Egg Hunt." I didn't get out there :( I know it sounds stupid, but I really miss her when I don't get out there. I am glad that she is where she is. I appreciate that if I don't make it I know she will have been fed, watered, her stall is clean, she is happy! That's what matters, she's happy.

This week she'll start her second round of training. The best money I've ever spent! I honestly have never been afraid of a horse before, EVER. She terrified me. Touching her terrified me. Doing anything with her scared me. She was a freakazoid! I find this a bit funny. I use to hope on any horse and didn't really care. I use to take the stallion out at my old barn and let him run around the round pen then groom him. No one bothered me. Funny that she scared me so much. Maybe it's because I own her and know that she's my responsiblitity. Who knows.

When Carolyn came to pick her up at her old stable to pick her up to bring her to her new barn I thought I was going to have a nervous break down loading her in the trailer. She was totally 100% fine loading. She always is. I just expected her to try to kick me, bite me, etc. I'm pretty convinced she hated me and she's just now starting to remember that I'm not a bad person.

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