Monday, April 13, 2009

Crazy Mare

I ran to see Denali tonight after I was done volunteering at the theraputic riding center. I had to break it to her that she's going to be ignored for the rest of the week. I feel guilty, but I am applying for jobs and need to take this week to drop off applications.

I called her and she came FLYING up the pasture. Very cute!! Then I tried to lead her to the barn. She has started this VERY VERY bad habit of herding me so she doesn't need to listen. I pull on her lead rope, she cuts me off. It's her new fun game. I'm going to start carrying a crop when I walk her so I can shake it in front of her so she doesn't want to walk around me. That will probably end in blood, mine, but we'll see.

Since I'm anal, I made a training calendar for her trainer. Again, I'm anal. My husband wishes I would keep the house as clean as I keep the barn. I'm not sure that will ever happen!! Lol :)

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