Friday, April 10, 2009

My horse, the life guard...

So Denali's trainer called a few weeks ago to tell me about Denali playing in the water. It sounded funny, but I didn't think she'd do it again anytime soon. I put her in the round pen and she went running to a puddle in the corner. I wish you could see the look on her face!! She was having so much fun!! This was a few weeks ago, but I just remembered that I had the video!

On another note, last night I went out to see Denali. I haven't been out since Monday. She's lame and so I just gave her a few days off. I missed her and went out yesterday. She actually came running up to the gate when she heard my voice. She hasn't done that since before I went to Denmark. I was so excited! I gave her about a million hugs and scratches.

I put her into the arena to walk around on some dry ground after I groomed her. There was a small bush type tree limb (if that makes sense) in the arena because one of the 4-H girls was working on training her horse for trail riding (I think, don't quote me.) Denali went over to it and started swaying back and forth. I thought she was going to have a seizure or something. She looked so funny! The trainer said it looked like she was going to roll. Sure enough, Denali was trying to figure out how to scratch her belly on the branch. She started pawing at it and pulling it around. I went in and turned it over one the mounting block. I think Denali scratched her belly for five minutes straight. She still has a fine winter coat on, I'm sure her belly is itchy! She's so funny.

Hopefully she'll feel 100% soon. She started running around in the arena. I'm just really worried now about her front right leg. I wrote a letter today to her old trainer, poor guy he's going to regret ever meeting me. :) He's a nice guy so I'm hoping he can give me some of her previous medical history. She had a weird pad on her foot when I bought her and white scars around her knee. I'm just wondering what they're from and if she ever cracked something. The vet in August thought that the scar was from a Screw and Wire surgery since she was born in Kentucky, and this, I guess, is a common surgery. The vet that just did her teeth thinks it's from a bandage wrap. Who knows! I couldn't imagine owning more than one horse. She's enough stress!

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Anonymous said...

Good blog! Great stories! (Found you through Fugly.) If your horse loves water, perhaps there is a hydrotherapy facility nearby that she can swim in. Our elderly dogs have good range of motion and muscle tone because of their once a week hydrotherapy sessions.