Saturday, April 11, 2009

Power of Google...

So on Friday I was on the computer playing around and I typed in "Storm City Slew, Emerald Downs" to see if I would get anything. I didn't expect to get anything that matched since she only ever raced once from what her papers say. Then, TA DA! there her name was in an article from the Seattle Times. I clicked on the article and scrolled down to find her name. Yep, there she was! I was excited....then I scrolled up to see what the date was that she raced. The lady who lied to me about her breed (the jockey's wife) had said she left the track the summer of 07 and hadn't been back for the 08 season. Why I believed the lady who lied to me in the first place, I'm not sure!!! Well, guess what! May 26, 2008 Denali raced in the 2 race. MAY 26! I bought her on July 6th. That means she was off the track for less than two months when I got her!! I must say that this explains SO much of her behavior, but yet again pisses me off that this lady lied...again.

Anyway, I tried to take some pictures of her scars on her leg. She thought that the camera was a treat (hence the picture above) of some kind, so it was very difficult. Even when I let her eat grass, the camera looked extra tempting!!

The first picture is the front of her right knee. The holes seem to be an equal distance from each other, but that could also be left from a pressure point. The second picture is of the inside of her front right and is the largest mark she has. The last picture is of the back of her leg. The white mark towards the front of the picture is the same dot that is to the far left in the first picture. None of these are very good pictures, but it gives you an idea.

I wonder.... I guess that is what you get from buying a horse at auction, but it drives me crazy that I've been able to learn so much about her (i.e. Name, age, BREED) and I wish I knew more... I was looking at her papers the other night and realized they were still in the envelope of her trainer with a return address. I have his phone number still, but didn't want him to think I'm TOTALLY nuts, so I thought a letter would be a more professional way to go about it. I wrote the letter by hand twice and finally gave up and typed one. I kept wanting to change what I wrote... Anyway, I asked him for any and all medical history on her. I'd really love her chart from the track, but don't know how or if that could happen. Her old track trainer was so nice when I met him in person! He left tickets for my husband and I at the front and we even got to go into the winners circle when his horse won!! It was an awesome experience!! I am really glad that Denali had someone so nice taking care of her.

Enough babbling at this point... I found a bunch of pictures of her... maybe I should go fill in the blanks in this blog with them....

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