Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week in Review

I've been so busy this past week, my poor horse has been neglected. Well, neglected in the sense that I haven't visited her. She couldn't be in better hands at her stable! The Vet came out and did a physical, he said she looks good! That's encouraging. The farrier needs to come trim her feet soon, but she'll be good to go again.

Yesterday I stopped by quickly to say hi to her. She's in heat so she's extra jumpy, she's pretty much a nutball... I wish I knew if something would be better for her. I give her Mare Magic, which is a god sent for most of the month. When it comes down to it though, for one week she's a freak! It's okay I figure, I'm a freak too.

I was really proud of her! I had her in the cross ties and something broke and started spraying water everywhere! She freaked for a few seconds then calmed down. I however became airborne and flew into the nearest stall. I'm not a HUGE chicken, but I've seen her kick and I'm not getting behind those legs!

Training starts again Monday night. We'll see how this goes.

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