Sunday, April 19, 2009


So I've been really busy this week, which means lack of Denali time. I feel bad, I don't want her to think I'm leaving again. Denali's trainer called me this morning. I was really excited. I saw him at the races on Friday, but didn't want him to think that I was totally crazy, so I didn't get go up to him. He is really the nicest guy.

He explained that she did have a screw and wire surgery in Kentucky before she came to Washington. That explains her weird scars. He also told me she had an injury on her ankle that took a while to heal. Gives me some things to tell her new vet. I called a vet my friend recommended. He was a track vet, but is now just a regular vet. I hope I like him. I would love to find a vet that we both really clicked with. I liked the vet that did her teeth, but he just had surgery so he's out of commission for a while. I decided even though I know what the scars are from I'd still like her to have a physical. Oh there are SO many more things I could spend my money on.

I went out to visit my orphaned pony today with Ophelia's mom. I spend some time grooming her. I wish she wouldn't have held her head so high the last time I cut her hair, I "Assumed" that I wasn't cutting too much off...well I was very wrong and now she has hair sticking up all over while it grows back in. She looks really funny!! Also, she has been refusing to pick up her feet, which worries me. I hope it's just because she is being pissy, and not because she is hurting.

See! See! She does love me! I have proof now! She's so pretty!
(Actually...she wants food, but I can dream!)

When we went to put the girls back out together, Denali turned and tried to take a hunk of Ophelia's butt off.... I kept telling Ophelia's mom that all of her cuts and marks were from trees, fences, other horses... I guess Denali is busted. She's been so good!

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