Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Evil Blue Tarps!

I am "horse sitting" this week for Ophie. Her mom went to a wedding. It reminds me why I never want more than one horse at a time. I don't have the energy for it! Ophelia is such a sweet, sweet horse. Yesterday I went out and took Ophelia into the arena to lunge her. First, I had to put Denali in the round pen, she would not allow me to get Ophelia first. Typical Denali. For Ophelia's safety I caved.

Ophelia is so light on her aids. So much better behaved then Nawlers. She would only eat grass once I pointed. Denali, heck, she'll drag you off if she thought she could get away with it. I put the surcingle on Ophie so I could use the side reins. After warming her up I realized I didn't need to, she already carrys herself beautifully.

There was a large blue tarp laying in part of the arena that I walked her over to. Ophelia is just starting to get over her fear of trailers so I didn't want to push it with the tarp. She's not my horse, so no need to give her a complex. She did put one foot on it, and after she did that I gave her lots of love and then took her back outside. Denali, well she didn't get a choice. I took her in the arena in hand since the three little girls were riding their horses, and I like giving her exposure.

I decided to take her to the tarp to see what she'd do. I walked on it and just held the lead rope. She pawed at it (it had water on it, she loves water) and it scared her, but she didn't run. I got her to walk on it slowly. I gave her lots of love and a few treats. Well....let me tell you, after those few tiny treats she's walk all over that tarp. She pawed at it walked over it, stood on it, nothing. Nothing phased her! I was a very proud horsey mom last night. I'm sure now if the tarp was blowing in the wind she'd be about four miles away in three seconds. We'll figure that out when we cross that bridge!


SprinklerBandit said...

Sometimes horses give us the most unusual responses! I was riding my not-even-greenbroke mare the other day and a tarp blew on to the arena fence next to us. She didn't even budge. I'm glad to see you're doing well.

Anna said...

Mine would very likely be in Oklahoma by now (we're in South Texas). Cool to hear how she reacted so well...