Sunday, June 21, 2009

School's Out!

Friday was my last day of school with my kids. I was sad for about .2 seconds, then realized that faster they got out of the building, the faster my summer break started. I started shooing every kids, crying or not, out of my hall way. I don't get middle school kids. They spent the past how many months yelling and screaming about how much they hate school and then they stand and cry. Hormones!

In the past I've treated myself to a massage on the last day of school. Well, I'll give you two guesses at who got it this year instead?
Spoiled? Absolutely! She seemed to enjoy the massage. I know that I got tired and relaxed just watching it! Guess who else got spoiled?

Ms. Ophelia! She is such a sweet girl. She really seemed to like the massage. It took me forever to find a licensed massage therapist for horses. Craigslist is my best friend (I can find anything on it) and so I posted an add looking for a licensed massage therapist, and had about 10 people respond who said that they "knew how to do it." I know this makes me anal, but if I'm going to have someone handling my horse, I want them to have insurance!!

Also on Friday, when I pulled into the barn I noticed that Denali didn't have her blanket on. Apparently she somehow managed to get the whole thing off without unbuckling anything! Her trainer said that she saw Denali running around like a lunatic and noticed she didn't have her blanket on anymore. She found Denali standing over it snorting at it. It doesn't have leg straps, just a back closure. The only thing we can figure out is she either rolled or somehow got the back part up over her, and then just wormed her way out of it.Look how guilty she looks! What a girl! I love her black blaze on her brown face. She's so pretty. Today I went to the 4-H show and I really wish I could do 4-H now, I'm only 11 years too old. I wish there was some 4-H Senior that wanted to show Denali. I would love for her to get the exposure, but then again, I would probably freak the poor kiddo out with all my fussing. That and I don't want them to die.


SprinklerBandit said...

I'm impressed that she got out of her blanket. Well done.

Denali said...

Yeah, she is really talented! I have no clue how she did it!! :)