Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Camera!

I am on a quest for a new camera. I own a very nice older Sony, but it is big and bulky, and not something that I can slip in my pocket while at the barn. I guess I COULD put it around my neck, but I don't want to look like a horse tourist. My brother suggested a Canon PowerShot SD1100 8.0 MG ELPH. He said he had one and loved it (prior to it going through the wash.) I am going to blame my horrible photography on my camera! Any good suggestions?

Ran out yesterday to see the girl! She is still pretty clean! I am hoping that she remains clean for the show tomorrow. I'm getting really excited about that! I am just interested in hearing what they have to say about her confirmation and how she behaves. I am really hoping to talk her to some schooling shows at the end of the summer and I just am wondering how many shows I am going to need to take her to before I will actually show her. I think that just hanging out is important.

I was reading about "Barn Sour" horses in one of my multiple horse magazines. I don't think Denali will ever be barn sour, but I know she gets "mom sour" if she is away from me she tends to try REALLY hard to test her limits. She acts like a spaz for my hubby, but if her trainer or I handle her she's as calm as a cucumber. We'll see how she does. She's just a very dominate horse, the most alpha mare I have ever been around and she needs to know that she is safe when she's with you. Sometimes it's hard to convince her.

I cut and thinned the hair some more yesterday. It's pretty short, but it looks good. I like playing with it! Her forlock is so much longer than the rest of her hair, it looks cute.

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