Monday, June 29, 2009

What a weekend...

What can go wrong will..... On Saturday I went to Celebrate the Horse, which is a fund raiser for a horse rescue in northern Washington State called Hope for Horses. It's always very cool! I was drooling over the Friesian and the Andalusians, who were performing Mezair, and it was AMAZING!!! I was drooling! I want one!

It was c
ool to be able to talk to owners, and breeders. I mentioned to the woman who owns the Friesian Stallion Taj Mahal. He was Amazing! He stood in his stall with his head held high, we joked that it was because he knew he was amazing. I want to sneak Denali in his stall....just for a little bit :) Then I saw the Andalusians, and I want to sneak her in one of those horses stalls too (perferably a stallion.) The Friesian's owner said he produces beautiful TB/Fresian crosses. I said, "No, she's not perfect, so I don't want to bring a baby into the world who could have flaws." She said, "Those flaws could be corrected." I said, "No, I don't want anything to happen to her." She said "I breed custom babies." hard. I want one! BUT! I know that my husband would kill me, AND it's really hard since I can only ride one horse at a time. PLUS, Denali's board and training cost a lot at the moment. What the heck am I saying, I can't even think about getting another horse!! Well, a lot for a school teacher :)

I got to listen to some very interesting seminars by Barb Apple and Ken McNabb. Ken McNabb's was on de-spooking a horse. He made a point about giving your horse your courage. I think that makes a lot of sense, and is something I have always understood, but I think I finally get it. He said he once chased a grizzly bear down a trail and off of a fresh kill so the rest of the group could go past. A GRIZZLY! I'm not sure that Denali would do that if I asked her, but I'd like to think she'd look to me for guidance. Plus, we won't be going near grizzlies any time soon.

Then there was Sunday.... Oh Sunday....
5 years ago, I was t-boned by a Semi Truck who passed me while I was turning left. Not my fault since he was passing in a no passing zone. Well...guess what happened to me on my 5 year anniversary!!

(I love this picture-It's my friends license plate imprinted on the car in front of us!)

My friend and I were going out to look at a horse (she's looking for a new eventing partner.) AND the car in front of us stopped....and we stopped.....and well, the car behind us didn't.... Surprisingly everyone was fine. My friend and I had some burns from the airbags on our hands. I didn't hurt yesterday at all. Today, I feel like I was hit by a car. I can't even turn my neck without it hurting like hell. I don't think the fact that I'm still de-bruising from falling off Denali helped. Oh well. Like I said, everyone was fine. It was crazy. There were cops everywhere, and ambulances, and fire trucks.

Sigh... No riding again... I'm not meant to ride Denali. I went to the barn today to watch her trainer work with her (since I couldn't.) She joked with me that Denali looks pregnant. I said that I thought so too. She never had much of a belly, and in the past two weeks it has gotten bigger. There is really a VERY VERY small chance that she's preggers, and it's probably just that she's growing and her shape is changing. I just get worried because I don't know what happened to her while I was in Denmark. How do I say this?? My horse is a slut. She'll back into anything she can! There was a stallion at the crappy last barn, but I asked her old trainer if was any chance they were turned out together and she said no. I'm sure she's not, I'd be so mad!! If I'm going to breed her I want to
breed her to something worthy.

Here she is two weeks ago (no new pictures)
And the day I bought her!! July 6, 2008... actually, now that I look at the pictures I think I'm probably crazy (and she's really dirty!!) She looks exactly the same! Right!?

(She looks like such a baby!!)

Speaking of babies!! Here are the barn swallows! They actually started flying today!! (I took this picture yesterday.) They are so cute!!!
I'm going back east for two weeks! No Nawlers, which makes me sad. I hope she remembers me and doesn't get totally pissed at me!! She and her trainer cantered today!!! I'm excited to see what she can do when I get back!!


Anna said...

I hope you and your friend really are okay!
Um, Denali looks a bit rounder in the belly now, yes..have her palpated? I guess I'd want to know for sure.
Custom babies? hm..sounds very...petri dish!

Denali said...

Yeah, and I don't' know about Frisians (other than they're beautiful) but how custom can you get? They have strict rules for the stud book, so they have to be perfect anyway...sigh.... they are so pretty...

I'm going to see how the girl looks when I get back from PA then call the vet. Just what I'd need a foal...

Denali said...
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Anna said...

no, a foal wouldn't help, would it?
although once they're here, they sure are cute and fun and challenging.
I think what I need (and you're welcome to join is a placid ranch horse to mosey around on and gain confidence with!
Now, to find one! Of course, I won't trade my boy for anything, and I can only have one horse at this time, but it sounds good.

Denali said...

I Agree!! I thought about trying to fine one to lease for the summer, but that won't happen... I can't board Denali, pay for training, AND pay for board for another horse... My trainer said I can ride her school horses, we'll see how I feel when I get back.