Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This is why I'm crazy....

In case you haven't figured out by now, I love my horse! She is the best thing that has ever happened to me! I did something yesterday that I'm pretty sure is one of the crazier things I've ever done (aside from buying Denali).... I offered to buy another horse. Not just any horse, and hopefully not for a few years (if it ever happens) but Denali's dam, Salome Slew.

And this is why I'm crazy.

I've been thinking for a long time about her dam, and I know that horses don't have connections to their young after they've grown up like people, but I want her anyway. She's a broodmare on a REALLY REALLY nice farm in Kentucky, Hopewell Farms http://www.hopewellfarm.com/ and I ASSUME that they take really good care of their horses, and find them proper homes when they are done with them. I also realize that with that many horses, they may not have a "connection" with them like "regular" horse people do. I just don't want her to go to an auction and end up on a slaughter truck.

The people at Hopewell Farms were so wonderful to me when I bought Denali and was trying to track down her papers, I can't see them doing that, but how much can an old broodmare be worth to someone else? Who knows! She's by Seattle Slew, so hopefully that will help her. I can't afford another horse right now, and probably not until we move back east. I am really hoping that they don't need to find her a new home, and if they do it's not for at least 5 years. I wrote the letter yesterday and I assume that they had a good laugh over it, but at least I know I offered.

There was also a beautiful 29 year old Palomino horse that was sold to slaughter this past weekend at the same auction I bought Denali. I didn't go, and I can't go.... I will buy another horse and I can't do that unless I want my husband to leave me. I wonder if his owner knows what they've done? I'm assuming that he has been loved and doted on for the past 29 years. Why would you do that? I keep thinking about him, and if I could find someone to take him....sigh. I saw his picture on a Rescue's Message Board that I volunteer for, and can't stop thinking about him. I hope someone goes and gets him, or the guy who buys for slaughter is going to resell him. He looks so good! It's hard to imagine that he's 29.

I want to buy horse property and take in horses who just need a forever home. Now if I could just win the lotto!!!


joanna said...

Our horses are cousins! Sean's grandsire on his sire's side is Seattle Slew, too.

Better not let your hubby hear you say she's the best thing that's ever happened to you. The male ego is such a fragile thing. I've been married 11 years, trust me on this one! :)

Good luck on getting her dam. Not many people would do that, and hopefully the farm would be happy to sell her to you.

Where back east are you from? I'm from the New England area, and trust me, it's expensive there, too. That's part of the reason why we're in Ohio now. That, it's where the hubby's job is.

Denali said...

We're from PA, Western PA. I've already said I want to move to a place where we can have horse property so I don't need to pay for board.

I told the hubby about the letter...he wasn't very impressed!! HA HA.

I tried to explain to him, after I bought Denali, that I got the same feeling when I saw her as I did when I met him. That seemed to help!