Monday, June 15, 2009


I went back out yesterday to ride the girl. I won't lie, I was scared to death because she seemed a little spooky. I tacked her up and walked her around while my trainer threw rocks on the roof of the arena. She freaked out once or twice, but seemed to catch on that she wasn't going to die. I really think the think that freaked her out the most was me putting all my weight on one side, and then coming off.

When I went to get on her I noticed that my stirrups were not at the right length. I had them down one from normal, which explains why I was having trouble with keeping my feet in the stirrups. Not that it's an excuse, but tonight I put them where they belonged and it was like riding on a cloud. No problems with keeping my feet in place.

Oh if you're on facebook search for "Nonies" they are ponies that I'm making for the rescue, SAFE, to sell to raise money for the horses. I can't rescue another one, and I can't donate a lot of money, but I can donate time and creativeness! Nonies (Noodle Ponies) are going to have their own blog where people can give me their registered name and I'll post pictures!

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