Friday, June 12, 2009

Why you don't call your horse a "ho"

Well, not really.... I haven't ridden in a month because I've been so sick. I'm finally feeling better and went out with the hubby last night so he could say good bye to her. The trainer was riding her and asked me if I wanted to hop up. (Made me realize how out of shape I am... not to mention I need to lose 20 pounds.) Anyway, we started trotting around the arena and she has become VERY forward. I didn't have to use my legs at all to keep her going. I was very impressed.

Anyway... the point of the story.... I USE TO have to say ho, and pull back on the reins as I was sitting back in my seat and she'd EVENTUALLY STOP.... Well, guess what she's finally learned! I barely had "ho" out of my mouth when we went from a quick trot to a DEAD STOP. I almost went over top of her. I couldn't help but laugh. What a good girl! Of course, the hubby was taking pictures so now I have a nice photo of me right before almost going OVER TOP my horse. How funny! It's amazing how fast she picks up on things!! That and how SUPER out of shape I am in!! WoW. I need to stop slacking in the riding department!

MAYBE I'll post that picture here, but I think I'll save myself the embarrassment. I drop hubby off tomorrow and he's gone for 12 weeks. Boo!!! I hate archeology! Well, not really... I just hate the he goes off to remote parts of Alaska and I can only write letters.... I have SPECIFIC instructions that I am NOT ALLOWED to buy another horse, or anything else that eats! Ha, July 6 will make it once year since I bought her. What a year!

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