Saturday, July 31, 2010

Disaster Area

See that my friends? That's what you eat when you just did a dressage test where this is your best picture.
Yes, I know it's not a good picture, that's the point. We did H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E so, so, so horrible!! I don't know if I could describe our horribleness here....we did THAT BAD. I started laughing during out 20 meter circle in the A test because it was just THAT BAD. I thought the judge was going to ring her bell to ask me what the hell we were doing. She didn't, but I bet she wanted to.

Ms. Morgan and I had a HARD TIME Friday night. She was VERY opinionated, and I wasn't going to give in to her, which just pissed her off. I think that was part of the problem, she was such a PAIN IN THE ASS Friday, that i just expected it today. She fulfilled that!! Ugh, Morgan! Yesterday was bad, today was horrendous! I don't think I'd be so upset if we didn't do so well last week.

I looked like I was doing a pony ride, while drunk, and wandered into the dressage arena. Our first test was so bad, I refused to wear my jacket for the second test, I was hoping people wouldn't remember us.

Ms. Morgan decided today that she hated the flash, so I got it off as fast as possible once I got her to do what I wanted her to do with it on. No more flash, not until I get her a different bit and try that. It amazes me that we did so well, and today she decided that she HATED THE FLASH. Hated it. I want the Morgan happy, so I tried to make the Morgan happy.

Morgan didn't want to use her back. At all. She just pretended it didn't exist and no mater how much I tried to convince her otherwise she just drug it behind us. Her neck was as high as she could get it. When we got back to our barn after my public embarrassment, I decided to lunge her in side reins. I'm going to get a pair of Vienna Side Reins. I can use them on Denali too (WHEN she is sound, good thoughts, good thoughts...) She needs to use her butt and she can, I've had her do it before. I have 4 days to figure out WTF is going on with Ms. Morgan, and then I leave for a week to go on a Cruise (with my parents, not that exciting) to come back to public embarrassment number 2.

In Thoroughbred news, she threw a tantrum tonight. It was actually PRETTY hilarious. Around 7 o'clock she decided she wanted to go in. We saw dust coming from the other barn so we walked over and there was my light brown colored horse. When she saw us she came over and did the nicker, give me foods look. After we didn't take her out she got pissy. She started running around (because NORMALLY I would go in and grab her) that didn't work (I did yell whoa and she did stop.) Then she did it again and stared pacing to come in. At that point I left princess. I asked the trainer to leave her outside and bring her in last. Can't throw a fit and always get what you want. Silly Mare.


Karen said...

Having ridden and owned Morgans for more than a decade I will say this. Once you can ride a Morgan - you can ride ANYTHING. They are smart, use their energy and worker-bee mentality against you and rarely run out of energy. lol! I saw your photo and description and thought "been there, done that!"

Frizzle said...

Do you think she might be having some kind of a pain issue? It seems odd that she would suddenly behave so badly for no reason.
Sorry you guys didn't do well, but at least you were out there riding -- that's a definite step in the right direction!