Sunday, January 16, 2011


That title can sum up a few things in my life right now.

1. The damn test. I either know it or I don't. If I don't know it, I am having the hardest time learning it. Lets just say that I don't know the majority of it. Much like Denali if it is frustrating or confusing I give up and find something else to focus on (like blogging.)

2. Pete. Sweetest horse ever, however he wasn't having it yesterday. Anyone want to guess how many times I washed his tail before the shampoo only turned a light brown?? Anyone? 4 times. 4 times and it was still light brown. Poor boy. By the time I was done washing and conditioning his tail, and then attempting to get a comb through it an hour had passed. I don't think Pete has been fussed with for an hour ever. He was good boy and stood still for the most part. He was really ouchy walking to the wash rack so I didn't want to walk him to the arena when I knew he wasn't feeling great. After cleaning his tail it magically grew about three inches. I went and found some scissors ad hacked off about four inches since it was now dragging on the ground.. Next thing to tackle his homeless pony mane. I like long manes. Denali's is really long right now, but his is so uneven and thin it just looks horrible.

3. Well, we won't even get into #3.

Onto weekend fun.

Friday evening I had the pleasure of finally meeting Pia! Pia's mom is a wonderful person and I'm glad for this blog, because through it I got to meet her. Pia's barn is beautiful, and the trainer was really nice. I got to watch Pia's mom work with her. I told her, the only pain that I see her in is the pain in her mom's ass. She's a sassy mare that is for sure! I'm interested to see what the Regumate does for her. That's one route I thought of going with Denali, but haven't....yet.

I finally got out to see Denali yesterday. It was poring down rain and she was out in the pasture with two of her friends. She came as soon as I screamed her name (she was really far away.) Luckily through the wind and the rain she heard me and she came. That's one thing I'm proud of, that she comes when she is called. That wasn't installed on this model, I had to work on it.  I hate chasing horses. See! I taught her something!

She was soaked but warm under her blanket, so I didn't worry too much. There is a shelter out there, and of course no one uses it. I did some neck stretches with her and she was SO much better with them then she was a month ago. She struggled a month ago to do them, and yesterday she had no problems. She loves carrot stretches. For a while when we were doing them everyday she'd touch both of her sides and her chest when she saw a carrot. Cut to the chase right? I love this mare. She is so sweet and does try so hard. I hope I can be a better communicator with her so she understands what I'm asking her to do. (Can you tell she was a good girl yesterday?) When I love her, I love her so much, and when I hate her, I fucking hate her (One of my students last year told me that is how he felt about me. At the time I was really confused, but I do understand thanks to Denali. Sorry for the swear word.)

Off to yet another meeting. I am on the committee for one of the local horse shows. They couldn't find anyone to take over, and so I offered to help. I get to help with advertising. I will have to go from barn to barn with fliers. Dang. I hate seeing horses and other barns (kidding of course.) In actuality I will e-mail first to see if I can come hang up the fliers first. I hate when people just show up.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I have off tomorrow and I am SO excited to sleep in.


achieve1dream said...

Poor Pete. I'm glad you get to love on him. I must have missed something though . . . why is he hurting? Did something happen? I think I remember you mentioning he was lame but I don't remember the details. I guess I could go back a look lol.

Sorry the test is being so difficult. I've never been a very good studier so I can't really help you there.

Yay for D! It sounds like she was wonderful. :) And meeting Pia must have been awesome too! I haven't met any of my blog friends yet because no one lives close enough. Maybe someday.

Have fun seeing all the barns and enjoy your day off!

Leah Fry said...

Hmm, if you were talking about a gelding, I might be able to guess what #3 might have been.

Sounds like Pete benefited from the lessons in patience as well as the grooming.