Friday, January 28, 2011


I read this story and thought I'd share it with you. A friend of mine was telling me about her a few weeks ago. It is just amazing! I wish her book was translated into English. I can't read German.

That's the end of the inspiration.

In other news, hope you like the new blog layout. If you checked yesterday you were probably wondering what in the world I was doing. I think I changed the header 10 times. I thought I liked it, but them my husband told me it looked like camo. I couldn't have that. I actually have a program on my computer that made it super simple to make the header. I don't feel so technologically deficient anymore. Maybe I can make a side business making headers. (Kidding.) Also, I can't take credit for the photos. Ophie's mom took them, and I just lucked out that she took them in quick succession and has an amazing eye for photography. Thanks A!

In other news tomorrow is THE test. I don't feel ready at all (and when I'm stressed, I procrastinate. See exibit A. the updated blog.) I will just be glad when it's over and I don't feel like I have to study. Although I am putting off a 30 page paper, so that will need done too. Plus the fact that my horse only has seen me on the weekends for the past three weeks.

Going to hot yoga again tonight. We'll see how long I last before I pass out on the mat. I'm guessing 10 minutes.


Gingham said...

if you're going into business, you can make us one. P complains that her blog looks all amateur. she's a snot.

Dom said...

That is an awesome story. Makes me tear up every time.

Love the new layout.

Good luck on the test!

Rebecca said...

The new layout looks really nice. :)

Also, good luck on the test!

Melody said...

Nice blog!

Best of luck on that test!! And thanks for sharing that story.

achieve1dream said...

I LOVE the new header! That is too awesome!!

I'm sure you will do better than you expect on the test. Just get plenty of rest and eat a good breakfast so you have optimum concentration. I wish I knew how to help you with the anxiety, but I have that problem too. Good luck!

Oh and good luck with yoga tonight. :D

Sarah said...

Love your new header, seriously. So awesome!

Good luck on your super imprtant test tomorrow! The best part is by this time tomorrow it will wall be over:)

Hope Hot Yoga Hell didn't kill you:)

SprinklerBandit said...

Good luck on the test!! I'm sure you'll do much much better than last time.

PS After the test, if you find something else to procrastinate, Izzy could always you a new header. ;-)

RiderWriter said...

Hope The Test is going well. I think you will be fine! :)

Also, I love the new header. In fact, I love it so much I really would like to know what program/app you used to create it. Mine is pitiful and I need to do a good one, but I don't know how (without asking for help from Hub, who I don't want to bother). Can you please share?? Thanks!