Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Little Black Breeches

and my goal is to fit into them.

Yesterday's Tack of the day gave me the inspiration for my "new" blog since I honestly could give a damn about fitting into a little black dress, but breeches...that's another story.

I bought a pair of breeches, 2 sizes too small because they were the color I've wanted, full seat, the kind that act like a seat belt in case of an unexpected spook. I wanted them. Thanks to the $$ from x-mas (that I put into Denali's fund, just to turn around and pull out the $58.00 for the breeches.)

Who buys breeches that they know they won't fit into? Me.

I'm excited that several of you want to do this journey with me! Although, Pia's mom....really? I've had the pleasure of meeting Pia's mom in real life. She looks like a model, and is such a nice person. (Hell, I was smeared throughout her trailer and she still talks to me.) The extra weight you need to lose is probably from that rock on your finger ;0). Okay, kidding. Also, Pia's Mom!! Hope you feel better! Naughty Pia, NAUGHTY.

For those of you who said "yes." Send me your google e-mail to rehabdenali @ and I'll get you set up on the blog as an author.

In other pony related news I went out to the barn yesterday (instead of my normal Wednesday trip) because it was sunny and beautiful! (Side Note: I made it before it was dark!! Yay for longer days!)

I got to the barn and noticed Denali walking the fence like as I drove up. I stopped my car and she stopped. I started driving again and she started walking towards the gate again. I laughed. She knows what my car looks like, and I'd like to pretend that she was walking to meet me.

I walked up and gave her some carrots, loved on her and then walked down to the barn.

There were a bunch of cars at the barn, which surprised me because usually I am the only one there. Turns out the vet has two students working with her (and I hope they know how lucky they are) and they were planning on doing some work with Denali.

Oh great.

The vet went to get Denali and I followed behind (because I'm still a huge chicken, and although my head says, "she's not going to hurt you" I'm having a hard time convincing the rest of me.) We brought Denali down and groomed her. I held Denali and the vet tacked her up minus the bridle and took her to the round pen. Denali was FULL of it! She was being super naughty, and the vet continued to amaze me.

Vet by day, Rodeo Cowboy by night...

There were some noises in the woods and Denali decided to have a cow over it. Eventually she got her focused and listening again and then she got on. I told her that after that behavior I'm not sure I'd even want to continue working with her, but she bridled her up for the ride.

She rode her in the arena for the first time, and although head as high as she could get it and her tail swished the entire time she did good. No freak outs and she eventually relaxed into the bit. I was proud of her. She did try to do her stopping at the group of people that she does. She loves attention and has a bad habit of stopping to get it.

We think that he extra swishing is from her butt rubbing together and the hair bothering her (more on that in a second.) After the ride the vet asked me to groom her. I felt better about handling her, and I appreciate the "Just do it" attitude that she has. She knows I'm afraid, but won't let me use it as an excuse.

I groomed her off and put her in her stall. While doing this the vet started to work the ex-stallion rescue that is at the barn. He is so cute! He looks like he is a Morab, or maybe even a Morgan. Adorable and little. I think he'd be a perfect gamer with his starts and stops. He has one problem.


The vet was riding him for a little bit at the walk when she asked for the trot. Up he went. I've NEVER seen a horse rear like this! Up, Up, Up. This vet amazes me. She stayed on and got him back down each time. I wish I had it on video. It was crazy.

After watching the rearing I remembered that Gogo's mom had asked me for some tail hair. I didn't have scissors, but thougth I should get the Bob Marley dred locks out of her hair. I haven't brushed it since before the accident. While grooming her I started to scratch the back of her legs, there were large clumps of hair hanging off and I knew they were making her itchy. I did it very slowly and she was fine. Apparently though at one point I either scared her, or pissed her off.

For the first time ever, my mare did not kick out! That is her normal response when working with her butt. She turned it away from me, had a hissy fit, and then went back to eating. I was proud of her, but went back to touching her legs. I didn't want her to think hissy fits get her out of it. She did fine. Still proud that she didn't try to kill me. I wonder if she remembers kicking me the last time and that's why she made the extra effort to not kick this time? Who knows. I'll take it!


Gingham said...

HA. You're sweet. You probably also either had a) beer goggles on the first time you met me or b) the adrenaline coursing through your veins after the trailer stomping that somehow convinced you that you were "fine" must have also impacted your vision. Did you also see unicorns? or magic leprechauns?


Becky said...

Hmmm contemplating this whole weight loss blog thing. I do have a wedding in 2 months I intended to lose 50 pounds for a year ago (I've lost 4, by the way. So clearly I'm well on my way...) I also have a pony. A poor, poor pony who weighs 850 on a fat day. I think I weigh 850 on a fat day. And breeches? That's cute. I haven't had the courage to wear those in public since the sixth grade. Yes, this weight loss blog is starting to look rather appealing indeed... hmmmm.

Laura M. said...

I will definitely be following the extra blog! My breeches are getting too tight and I do NOT want to buy any new ones, or coats, or show shirts, or anything else for that matter!! Breeches are totally a mtivating factor for weight loss... more than swwim suits ;)

Good on the vet for riding through Ms. D's habits and kudos to you for working with her too! Sounds like a perfect set-up for both you and Denali to learn safely. :)

achieve1dream said...

It sucks being scared of your horse. :( I think it's because she wasn't feeling good and was probably scared. She doesn't sound like the type of horse to intentionally try to hurt you. Don't worry you will gain your trust back in her. :) I'm glad she did so well.

Dom said...

I have a pair of breeches that I've grown out of since I stopped doing bitch labor. My goal is to fit back into them.

Jodie said...

I'm glad she didn't kick you!

That ex-stallion sounds amazing. I wonder why he rears so much?