Sunday, January 9, 2011

My horse doesn't need a trainer....

...she needs an exorcist.

I went out to see princess and she was in her stall. Apparently she was SUPER naughty last night when being led in, bucking, rearing, and trying to take off. She saw dead people. It is suppose to get cold tonight and snow and they didn't want her to fall and hurt herself if she decided to play bucking bronco again.

Damn Mare!

When I got there I went into her stall and loved on her for a bit. She kept trying to rub her head on me, and was getting pissed when I wouldn't let her. Mare. I am not a scratching post. Also I know that rubbing can be dominance so I don't want to allow her to rub on me. We have enough issues.

She proceeded to scream for her girlfriend, who stood at the fence screaming at her.


Overall Denali was fine with me. We obviously haven't worked together in a while. She forgot what the word "back" meant, and had to have a few reminders. I didn't take her out of her stall since I was the only one there, and if something happens I'm screwed. It's in the middle of nowhere.

After loving on Denali, and a visit from Piper's Mom, who's heard so much about the fire-breathing, flying beast, we went to Piper's barn. Piper's barn is also the home to Angie, Cashmere, Buckley, and .... (I know there are 4 of them that were saved by Angie's dad...sorry, I forgot their names!) Angie is also an OTTB who I met through this blog. Her dad and mom are super nice people. Angie is on stall rest for a heel injury. I dropped off my nibble net and some treats for Angie and Piper. Piper just had surgery on her leg for a broken splint bone. Poor Ponies!

What in the hell happened to Year of the Sound Horse? (Althought Piper had surgery in 2010 and Angie got hurt in 2010 too, so I'll let it slide...this time. ;0)

Since it's Sunday I went to work at the Giant Warmblood Barn. I am currently sucking at working with Pete and need to get on that SOON. The poor guy, he was so excited when I went into his stall and loved on him for a little bit. I wish I would have had more time to groom him and free lunge him.

After starting my shift the owner of the Giant Warmblood Barn (who I LOVE btw) called to ask me to hand-walk one of the Giants who is there to be sold. He apparently had broken a splint bone in his front leg, and needed to be hand walked.

Gulp. He is HUGE. If he wanted to do something, he could have.

However, much like all ponies there he was an angel. He walked right next to me, and quite fast for a pony who had surgery this week. It was a 10 minute walk so I took him to the giant outdoor arena to walk since the footing is so good. He was SO FRICKIN CUTE!! He walked really quietly, and like with Denali I decided to walk the dressage patterns that I remembered (even if he does Grand Prix, and even if they are old tests) I get bored just walking. At one point he arched his neck, I swear he looked like he was looking for contact, and started to do his fancy-shmancy ubber trot. He looked so cute, but I had to ask him to save the fancy moves for another day. Today. Today you're just walking. He gave me a super sad puppy-dog face and went back to walking.

Anyone have $80,000 dollars they want to loan me? He is a DOLL!!! Wonder if I throw in a mare if I will get a discount. I decided that he wouldn't fit in my Subaru, and that I would just go love on him some other time.

I love the ponies at the Giant Warmblood Barn. I keep forgetting that I get paid to love on them.

Back to the fire-breathing, flying hell-beast.

I've decided, that even though I am freaked out about training Denali, getting her trained, etc. I am going to just take VERY small baby steps. I'll take note of Pia's mom and her STP (Short Term Plan.) Rome isn't built in a day, and until I can make it out there at least 4 days a week, the hell-beast and I are not going to get anywhere.

Our goal for the week. Not to get killed. I ordered her a box (yes a box) of Cherry Lik-its so she better stick around long enough to eat them all. It still freaks me out that something else could be wrong. I wish I was rich so I could get that dumb scan done. I guess I'll just start saving my money. It will either go towards training or more diagnostics.

How it feels to own the world famous glass-legged thoroughbred.

On a non-hell-beast note: Welcome to my 150th follower! It excites me when it hits a 0 or a 5 in the ones place. I don't know why, and yes, yes, I'm strange.

Happy Monday


Leah Fry said...

"Glass legged beast" -- haha! We're all gluttons for punishment, I think.

eventer79 said...

I think you are spot on with short term. David, our jump trainer, says he only thinks about a horse's future six months at a time. You put together a plan for the next six months and then see how it goes. I would imagine with an injury, that time shortens and maybe you plan two months instead. Or maybe if your horse turns into a flying devil, you plan a week. ;-P

I wish I knew some trainers in your area! The only resource I'm familiar with is COTH, because they have a big membership and they can tell you who NOT to use, which is at least a starting point.

Dom said...

Love the contrast of Denali's devil mare impression against the gentle giant warmblood.

achieve1dream said...

I have a thing about those numbers too. :) Sorry she's being a brat. Just try to be patient. It isn't like you have a deadline or anything. Breathe. Don't put so much pressure on you or her. She's getting better and that's what is important. I wish I were rich too because I would give you the money for her diagnostics and for the cute warmblood. :) Wishful thinking lol.

MyHorseFaith said...

Thanks for visiting us! Piper loves her visitors :)

She figured since she's supposed to be sound in 2011, she ought to bust her leg at the end of 2010. Hey, what's another vet bill?!

Gingham said...

Hmm exorcist!? If hormones don't do anything for P, I'll share the farm call on that with you.. ;)

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Energy! She's got it! That's good because it means she feels good vs her standing still and not twitching an ear, right????!
Laz is KING of head rubber and I allow it when done politely b/c I adore it BUT when he gets too rough or shows too much dominance, then I grab his lip and squeeze it and follow his head until he moves away. Meaning, I start annoying him and then he's like 'this game sucks' and stops. ;)

Denali's Mom said...

Eventer, I'm thinking hourly goals....that sounds like it might be the best for us! Screw training.

I got a good lead on a trainer, but it's just a lead. I'm not going to be crazy until she's ready.

Also, back to 149...celebration fail.

Janie said...

Hahahaah! I love your descriptions...hell beast...needs an exorcist...

I really hope your demon horse calms down for you and you find common ground. Good luck with the short term plans! And I'm jealous that you get paid to love on those ponies!