Saturday, January 29, 2011


Well, I'm done.

The last time I took it I walked out knowing that I failed.

This time I walked out feeling like MAYBE I passed. It's the most ridiculous test. I hate multiple choice questions. Especially when there are two choices that are SO CLOSE.

Regardless I'm done. I won't know for 45 days, so if 46 days go past, and I don't mention it...don't mention it! :) I don't think I will take it again. If I don't pass, I'm done.

Yesterday I had to give presentations at work. Half way though the day I started to feel ill, and realized that I was getting sick due to nerves. I texted my friend Joanna and asked if we could skip hot yoga because the thought of the smelly man was not helping me feel any better.

I'm going to try to get out to see Denali after lunch with a friend. If not then tomorrow morning. The poor thing. I haven't seen her in a week. Not that she cares, she's perfectly content. I still like to know she's okay.

Tomorrow I'm having a riding lesson. It will be the first time I've ridden since September when I finished up my lease on the Morgan. After that ponykins made it so I had no extra money in our account to do thinks like take riding lessons. 

I'm also on a show committee for one of the local venues. That is interesting. I figured the best way to learn about showing was to be on the inside. Plus I want them to like me when I bring Denali and one of us freaks out.

I have had a few e-mails asking me about banners. I just use Paint. Nothing fancy. What makes it easy is a little program called snip. It makes it so you can copy anything from anywhere. That's how I made Pia's banner and I was playing around with a picture of Laz (not that she needs to use it, I just thought it was cute.) I was REALLY GOOD at procrastinating. I even made an icon for Back on Track's contest. Really, reallly good at procrastinating!! It is one of my best skills!!


Checkmark115 said...

So J about the banners! I don't have nay programs or anything. sadface.
BTW, I never caught what test it was that you are taking and I'm afraid to ask! Lol. I hope you did well :)

Dom said...

Fingers crossed for results. Love the banners.

Janine said...

I love your banners! I love the Laz one and all of them!! Great job! Give Denali a big hug when you see her! Sounds like you deserve it after your test!

Andrea said...

Love banners!! I got Bre to make mine and I've had it a year and still LOVE it every time I look at it! And I also like your little "2011 Year of the Sound Horse" logo.... I think I need one of those too!

achieve1dream said...

I'm sure you did great on the test. You were better prepared this time. I know how you feel about the nerves though. I can make myself completely and utterly sick with worry at times. At least it's past you now and you can think about fun things like your lesson!

I love the banners. Where do you get the snip program? I'll have to try to find it. :)

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Love it and it's on our blog...thanks for that special treat of your artistry! :) xo
Also, love the video of Denali and yes I can see a bit of where her feet don't know where to go, but hey...who has a normal horse anyway??! ;) She's happy and alive and she can still be a great companion and hopefully even a light mount! Just walking around bareback, are some of my happiest days!!!!