Sunday, January 23, 2011


Yesterday as I was staring at Denali I thought to myself, "Hum.... I wonder what you did to yourself that would cause the neck problems." Then it dawned on me. I think Sprinklerbandit said something to me that triggered it.

If you've followed this blog long enough you may remember this photo. 

This happened at our old Shit Hole barn on January 17, 2009. Denali went through the wall like a freight train. It was scary and amazing at the same time. She tried to jump it but didn't, not even a few inches off the ground. She then ran into a paddock and let herself in. When I ran to find her she was dunking her head in the water. I didn't call a vet out because she seemed "okay." She was sore on her chest for a few days, but I massaged it and she seemed okay. It was soon after this that I found our new barn and I moved her.

I wonder if this is when she hurt her neck. It's hard to say since I don't know what happened to her from February 22, 2004 - July 6, 2008. Even after that I'm not with her 24/7 and our first barn was not the safest place for horses. I know I could sit here analyzing everything and worrying about things that happened years ago. I just hope that we can keep the arthritis from progressing or getting worse too quick. I bought her the mesh Back on Track neck wrap. If anyone wants to win the lotto and send her the blanket too feel free. ;0)

In updated Denali news I decided to skip studying and go see the mare. When we went out yesterday it was dark and I didn't really get time to play with her. I got to the barn and she was already in the arena. Her boyfriend is lame and he needs a buddy so he doesn't get too upset. Denali keeps him calm. Can you believe that? My horse keeps another horse calm. Ha, ha, ha.
I decided that she looked like a mud monster and she needed cleaned up. So my horse stood perfectly still while I took off her blanket. She was so sweaty under her blanket and he had lots of matted hair. I wish I could have gotten a picture of her face while I was grooming. It was HILARIOUS. She was into it. Then while I was grooming her belly I felt something on my shoulder, I looked over and Denali was grooming me. She has NEVER, EVER done this. I guess she is finally turning into a horse. I was so happy (although I did put a stop to the grooming.)

I cleaned her feet and although they need trimmed, they look really good. Her heels look long, but again she needs trimmed. Her last trim was 11-11, and I am waiting to hear back from a natural barefoot trimmer. The last farrier trimmed her feet a little too much, so she's not too bad yet.

In other news, think some good thoughts for our vet. Her horse, who looks so much like Denali, might have cancer. They did a biopsy and are waiting for the results. I will feel horrible if the vet looses her horse. I hope she does okay!

And now photos and videos of Denali and Pete. I took Pete to the arena to lunge him. They just put up full length mirrors and he had a Massive spook. It was so funny I almost fell on the ground. He was so embarrassed when he realized that it was him.

Hi Guys! Look at me, I'm clean and without a mohawk!

Dreaming of more treats

Showing off her...assets. ;0)

I love her. There's just something about her and I can't explain it.
Another reason I love the caretaker and the vet. Denali approves! How funny is this!
Denali walking around.
Mr. Pete, trying to find a nice spot to roll while keeping an eye on the scary TB at the other end of the arena (aka, his reflection in the new mirrors.)


Dom said...

Well that could certainly explain a lot.

Carol said...

No wonder you're so crazy about her - she's so pretty!

Frizzle said...

Wow, Denali is looking AMAZING!! So glad to see she's made so much progress lately. :-)

Rebecca said...

She is gorgeous. :)

Also, the mirror thing is hilarious!

Laura M. said...

Hmmm... that crash does make you wonder if it did cause her nuero type symptoms. But you can't beat yourself up over that... hindsight is 20-20 and if we could predict the future I think my mare would live in a bubble wrapped stall with packing peanuts for bedding! Glad she's looking so good though... getting shiny and filling out again :)

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Happy Happy! I bet you are right..that busting through I'm sure wouldn't help the issue, if not totally caused it. But whatever, she's still here and looks awesome. The fact that she can itch her hind is great-shows flexibility. Laz can't even come close to that. He's still so stiff.
Thinking good thoughts on the vets horse too...sad.

achieve1dream said...

D is so gorgeous! She has such a kind, beautiful face. I bet you're right about the crash through the wall at the old barn being when she hurt herself. That is so possible. Or it even could have been when she was racing. If she reared up and hit her head/neck or fell that might be reason enough for them to sell her. Just a thought.

I'll be sending along good thoughts for the vet's horse. I hope it's not cancer.

Karen said...

I love her sassy head toss! What a goober! :-)

Muddy K said...

Just love that dreaming of treats picture, you can see the contentment in her eye, that she feels so much better.

Ms Martyr said...

Denali looks wonderful. Hopefully her arthritis is treatable and won't get any worse. So sorry to hear about the vet's horse. Hope it isn't cancer.
Pete's reaction to the mirror is hysterical.

Marissa said...

The crash and the neck pain makes total sense. I've done that too, realized things way later on... but at least you've been taking great care of her and haven't stopped trying to figure it all out, and she's continuing to improve. Love the video!!! Such a pretty, sassy little mare.

in2paints said...

It's so hard to know for sure why she has the symptoms she does. The crash is a definite possibility, but it could have been something that happened a long time ago too.

I'm so glad to see her happy!! She looks like she's enjoying life and I can just imagine how much she loved her grooming! :)