Thursday, January 20, 2011

Your choices

Here are your book choices! Now I have them for future reference. I can not wait to have time to read more. I said that I'm not a reader. I think that I actually am a reader, just don't have any time. I have a little over a week until the damn test than 6 weeks of freaking out about if I passed or not. I think that I will know when I leave if I passed or not. I knew the last time that I bombed it (but then again I didn't study at all, so not a hard guess to make.)

Haven't been out to see Denali, but I'm really looking forward to Saturday. SprinklerBandit is coming to town and we are going to the tack stores and to see princess. I'm excited! In other news the vet and I sat down an talked supplements. I think I mentioned it. Does anyone know of a good multi-vitamin on Smartpak? She is already going to be getting SmartProtect and SmartVitaminE (Thanks nero issues!) so I need to figure out what is lacking and find a supplement that works. She's also getting SmartHoof, SmartCalm Ultra, and either Cosequin ASU or Smart Repair. Suggestions on either of those? I have her on Smart Repair right now and they are about the same price, so... it's just a matter of figuring out which one. Anyone use Cosequin ASU?

Tomorrow we are taking my class on a field trip. If you don't hear from me for a few weeks it's because the space aliens have taken me hostage.


eventer79 said...

I've got Solo on the SmartVite -- it's awesome and took care of our hemoglobin problem. Two hooves up! I have mad unabashed love for SmartPak.

WishIHadAHorsey said...

One week to go and you will kick butt!

Marissa said...

Great multi-vitamin! SmartCombo. It may have more than you need, because it also has stuff for stomach/ulcer issues. Alternatively, I used to have Tucker on Grand Complete, which is cheaper and also available in smartpaks.

Hope the field trip is going well!

Frizzle said...

Call Smartpak! Seriously, those people know their products and will be able to steer you in the right direction.
As for SmartRepair vs. Cosequin ASU: I haven't looked at the ingredients in a while, but SmartRepair conatins silica, which is good for repairing tendons/ligaments, etc. so I think that's probably a good choice for your self-destructive pony at the moment. :-)

Carol said...

Thanks for sharing the book suggestions, with links. They look great.

Janie said...

Good luck!

I second the SmartVite vote.

in2paints said...

That's one heck of a SmartPak! LOL AJ's has 5 wells and I thought that was bad. :)

I was looking at putting my two on SmartVite, but I haven't tried any of them to be able to recommend one over the other.

achieve1dream said...

How exciting you get to meet a fellow blogger!! Cool! I can't wait to hear about that. :)

I can't give advice on the supplements. I'm still learning myself. :)

Good luck on the field trip and the test.

Denali's Mom said...

Her Smartpak is RIDICULOUS between 8-9 wells, but I honestly think that it has had a huge part in her rehab so it stays!