Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So, where I work is calling people this week to let them know if they got hired for the positions they applied to for next year. I applied, and interviewed at 3 schools. Yesterday people started getting phone calls about positions and so far no one has called me. I honestly have to admit that the last time I felt like this was when I caught my college boyfriend stealing my car and cheating on me. Heartbroken. I know it's not a big deal, but I interviewed at one school and I was pretty sure I got the job. (There's a lot more to the story, but since this is public, we'll leave it at that.)Well no phone call yet. Everytime I think of it, my heart sinks in my chest. I know that physically that is not possible, but that's what it feels like. I feel like I'm in a giant dodgeball game and that I'm going to get picked last.

Because of said "dodgeball game" I DID not want to go to the barn yesterday. I wanted to go home and crawl into bed, possible sleep for the next three years. However, I had told Denali's trainer I would be out, so I decided to drag myself to the barn.

I know I say it all the time, but I LOVE MY HORSE! I call her my prozac. She can pull me out of anything. She is the sweetest, most loving creature I have ever met. Three months ago I would have told you (and I did) that she was a crazy nutball, but she's just doing so well that it's hard to believe that she use to rear up in her stall and try to kill me. She stands quietly in the crossties and waits paitently for me to get stuff. My favoriate thing is how she follows me and watches me from her pasture if I am doing other things around the barn. She nickers at me and comes running when I call for her. She recognizes my car now so if she sees me pull in she is usually waiting for me at her gate.

Yesterday I decided to ride her while two other girls rode their horses in their lesson. This was a whole new experience for Denali. She has never been in the arena (with me on her) with other horses she didn't know (I've ridden her with her best friend Ophelia in the arena also.) There was new footing so I figured if I came off, it would be a soft landing. Denali rocked! She did such a good job! She is so big I had to laugh when I looked at the little girls on their horses. They looked so tiny. Denali looks tall, and is 16hh, but I didn't realize until I got on her and had another horse to judge how tall she really is.

Denali did AMAZING!! She did so well for me! I love her!! I can't believe that I was going to sell her. I'm glad I waited out the devil horse and got my sweet pony beast. She does have a habit of "faking" though when you ride her. My trainer got on her and all of the sudden she couldn't do anything. She had no clue what she was doing. It's funny to watch her mind work, but the trainer didn't give up, and Denali finally did. She acted like "Fine, fine, I do remember what that means." For a while when I first got Denali she would act like she was lame on a leg. I would feel bad and just groom her and take her back out. I would notice that she was no longer "lame" on one leg, and that instead she was lame on the other one. Once we would get to her field she took off running like crazy...she was never lame, she fakes!! What a girl!

Well I found my camera cord, it was under my bed, so I'll post pictures later of the beast.

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