Friday, May 29, 2009

So Fresh and So Clean Clean

(I love Outkast BTW)

We did it! We cleaned Denali tonight. She LOVES water, but the scrubbing part...not so much, dances all over and HATES IT. It actually is kind of funny, I hate being touched too. It's why I teach middle school. They don't touch me. She looks really nice, I'll post pictures as soon as I'm not too lazy to walk to the other side of the room and grab the camera cord.

Add one more thing about mare's I didn't know.... We were washing Denali and my trainer asked if we cleaned her teats. Teats? Really? You need to clean those? I mean that was why I was so excited about a mare was I didn't need to worry about cleaning a geldings shaft. Well, I was informed that it gets all gross and sticky and needs cleaned.... I'll give you two guesses as to what Denali thought about me touching her there! She about jumped two feet, even when I went SUPER SUPER SUPER slow.

Let me tell you:

A. She loved it and about fell asleep while I did it (not normal Denali behavior) and

. Pretty much the grossest thing ever! Really, the whole area was just caked in this disgusting (well, if you know about horses, which I apparently don't you know what I'm talking about) thick scabby, sticky, dirty stuff.

Denali's never had a foal (that I'm aware of, but she was 4 when I got her and straight from the Track) so it was a new experience for her! The hubby helped with the bath, he's so cute with her! I offered to let him help clean off her teats, but he politely declined. Actually he said, "I can't touch her like that." I guess he's getting a gelding. But he did scrub her and did a nice job of drying her off. He's just getting into horses, so baby steps!

New Trick I need to Learn:
1. How to clean her freaking forelock. Tried the wash cloth today, and she put her head up as far as she could get it. Weird for a horse who will put her whole head into the water.

Going tomorrow to buy a thinning tool that someone on here suggested! After her bath, it looked like she had a fro. It's bad!

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