Sunday, May 3, 2009

How My Life Works!!

I took my camera to the barn on Friday and have some nice pictures (finally.) Can I upload them? No, because that would mean I would need to know where my cord is to my camera....*sigh*

It's been a crazy weekend. I even got a three day weekend and still nothing is accomplished. I slept on Friday until 11:30. Who does that? I don't! It was pretty awesome! I got to the barn and rode the beast. Denali has two speeds, slow as snail and freak out. I would like for her to have a middle speed, but for now I'll stick with slow as snail. I actually got her sweaty for the first time in forever! I was proud of myself, she, well....Denali wasn't too proud of me.

I decided that it was time to get the mud/crust off of her pretty hair and since it was almost 70 on Friday it would be a good day to rinse off. I put her in the cross ties of the wash bay and she only freaked when I turned the water on, then she stood perfectly still. I was so proud of her!! About half way through she started to turn her head back towards her itchy spot so I decided to help out and spray it for her. Nope, not itchy, thirsty. My horse drinks from a hose. Even more proof she's more like an over grown dog than a horse. I laughed so hard. I love that she loves water so much!

Other than that not much! Went out yesterday (after the Derby) and lunged her when it started raining buckets. It was so loud in the arena that she couldn't hear me (in reality she probably could, and just refused to listen.)

Going out today to see princess and then hopefully my camera cord will magically appear!!

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