Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spoiled Pony.

I had a busy weekend and didn't get to spend a lot of time with Nawlers. I left a birthday party early to go take her blanket off, and put her fly mask on then ran back to the party. I think I mentioned before that she knows what my car looks like? I usually get out of my car and to grab her right away. She waits at the gate for me an calls for me. Cute right? Yes, until yesterday. I got out of my car and went to talk to her trainer and we started to hear something that sounded like gunshots going off. I ran out of the barn to the sound of which clearly was an angry horse kicking the shelter. Guess who? Apparently I wasn't fast enough! Her friends were standing off looking at her like she was nuts. Then I stood there ignoring her for a little bit (when it was obvious she wasn't going to hurt herself or others) but really Denali!! You can wait five minutes for me!! She really likes to work, but honestly!!

On a happier note, I worked a little bit on Denali's disaster of a hair cut. It's looking better. At least better than it did! Nice flowers right? Notice something missing? That would be my horse deciding that they looked tasty. My trainer wasn't mad. That's good! She did tell me the owner of the property was concerned about one of the horses who has been trying to open the gate during the day. He didn't tell her which one, but she said she'd put money on one of them! Guess who? Denali better not ever get thrown out of this place! It's too perfect and I think I'd cry!!

$33.51 that would be what it costs for one week of going to see the girl! It sucks that it is so far, but anything closer is twice as much! Oh well. I took this picture right before I notice a guy trying to put regular in a Diesel rental car.... I hope he figured it out. I have felt bad for two days not for not going back to tell him. I was driving away when I noticed...

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