Saturday, May 30, 2009

Guess who's going to be a show horse?

I got to the barn today after stopping off to buy a fly sheet for Ophelia. I thought it was only fair for me to buy her fly sheet since Denali thinks that she can take a bit out of Ophie anytime she wants, and she'll be the one to destroy the sheet, not Ophie.

Denali's trainer asked if she could take Denali to a show this week for the 4-H kids to learn how to judge confirmation. I was pretty excited that someone called and asked her if she had any "warmblood, hunter type horses" that she could bring so the kids could practice judging confirmation, and she said Denali (after okaying it with me.) It's only a "practice" for the kidlets to learn, but Denali won't know that and I have never seen her in an environment outside of a barn (aside from the auction I bought her at, but she was drugged.) I think it will be a good experience and I'm pretty excited to go and watch.

I also lost my temper today with one of the little girls who rides at the barn. It was the first time, and right in front of her mother. I was talking to Denali, like the dork I am, and I hear the little girl tell me how soft Denali's tail is. I about died! I know I haven't explained it very well in here, but my horse is a killing (or attempted) machine. She has taken out more walls and doors than any other horse I know, and it was always when something surpised her. She also once ran the barn owners daughter down in the arena and tried to pounce on her...not good... ANYWAY, back to the main story, I freaked out on her about touching Denali when she's not looking. The mom looked taken back, but it's either A. you don't touch horses that you don't know, or b. you die. The thing that would suck the most is that Denali would be labled the bad horse because she kicked, not the kid for not listening. I guess Denali is deciving because she is so sweet and so calm now, but the point is I know she can do it, I've seen her do it, and it's better safe than sorry. I think I've officially scared all the girls from ever touching my horse again.... Oh well. The mom wanted me to explain why to her kid, simple: she's not yours, and you don't know her.

I did thin her mane today!! It looks so much better! It also helps that her fly sheet had a neck cover on it so that helps keep her hair down. Thanks for the advice! I'm going to attempt to braid it Tuesday night for Wednesday. I practiced on her tail, and she totally tucked it as far under as she could. HA HA HA.

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