Wednesday, May 13, 2009


All she needs now is a club to carry around. I decided to put a rubber band around the short hair and attach it to the longer part of her forelock in hopes that it will start to lay down some. Well, she looks like Pebbles, kind of cute. Of course I didn't get good pictures! Why would I do that? I did try!

On fun note, I ran home before going to the barn to play with "Pebbles" and found this waiting for me!! I ordered it on April 16 and it has taken 2 mean e-mails and a month, but it finally showed up! Express Shipping my @ss. Denali had been trashing her stall so we thought she was getting bored at night. Turns out (after a month of waiting we can figure out a lot of things) that she has a small furry animal that has started coming in her stall at night. She's stopped freaking out, and knowing Denali she probably said, "Hum, okay, you can live here if you bring me food at night. If no food, I'll kill you." She's pretty funny.
Anyway, before figuring out Denali has a pet of her own, I looked all over at stall toys and read review after review. I looked at them at two tack stores, and finally decided on a Stubbs Rock n' Roll ball. It had good reviews, is made of one piece of plastic, and is made of really hard "unbreakable" plastic. I don't think anything can be unbreakable, especially when it involves one very determined TB.

I took the ball to the barn (it's red of course) and filled it with some treats. I was trying to figure out how to teach her to roll it around. I left it on her box and went out to get her. Her expression was pretty much awesome when she saw it!! She started dancing around as soon as she saw it. She reminded me of a little kid waiting in line to see Santa Claus. It was awesome! I took it out in the arena and finally got her to stand still long enough to undo her halter. She was off! Shoving the ball all over the place! She didn't even realize that it had treats in it. I had to pick them up behind her and then feed them to her. I shouldn't have done that!!! I should have just let her play. Once she figured out that there was food inside of it, that was it. She pushed that ball all over the place as fast as she could. When it was time for me to go, I picked the ball up and she pretty much threw the horse equivalent of a 2 year old's temper tantrum!! She was stomping her feet trying to bite the ball and take it from me. We got to do lots of ground work while I was walking her to her stall.

I was going to ride Denali tonight, and was suppose to have a lesson later in the evening but I was WAY to tired to even think staying there that long or of riding. It was Denali's training night anyway, so her trainer would have worked her and then I would have gotten on and practiced with her what she's learning (BTW: Great way to train a horse!)

It's so nice to be able to see her everyday and know that she is take care of in a great facility! I love that I can not worry about her, and know she's taken care of when I don't make it out there. I love our barn! It's small, the horses have the best of everything and they are all very carefully fed. The price for board is so reasonable compared to others that I looked at! Especially for the care she's getting, and for being close to Seattle. Heck, I looked at pasture board that costs more than full care where she's at!! I Love bringing my friends out and showing them around, introducing them to the trainer, showing them their hay, and grain and then telling them that it's only $425 a month. It's great!

Okay. Enough going on an on about Denali's barn (I could go on that for days!) Below is the reason that I wanted to leave early (aside from napping.) The goat at my friends barn had a baby on Sunday. Goat babies (Kids?) are the cutest thing I have ever seen!! I need one! This is Loretta. Here mom is Dolly (after Dolly Parton) and her dad is Willy (after Willy Nelson.) I liked the name Marilyn, because every time I took a picture she seemed to strike a pose for the camera. Then there's Banjo, the little dog who lives there. He was trying to figure out what she was, and she was trying to figure out who he was. It was super cute!!

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