Sunday, May 31, 2009


Grrr!! I can't wait to feel better! It's so annoying! I need to go to the doctor. I went to the barn today to work with Denali and I am just too weak to do much more than groom her. It sucks. I lounged her, and she is doing really well at her transitions. Her trainer rode her and showed me how they've been working on bending. She is looking like a proper dressage pony now.

I bought a new helmet today. That's another thing bothering me!! I tried on one size and the lady told me that it was too big (i.e, moved around on my head more than she'd like.) So I tried the size smaller on and it fit like a glove, but was a little tight. She said that was good and that it's better to have it tight than loose. I get that, but I wore it today at the barn and it just seems to tight!! One stupid muscle in my head pushes into the helmet, or the other way around, but you get the point. I am really hoping that it ends up working out, because it is an expensive helmet to not want to wear! I just keep thinking that I should have bought the other one and added padding instead of getting the one that fit at the time. Does anyone else have that problem? I am just wondering if I did the right thing!

Goal for tomorrow: be able to lounge Denali for more than five minutes without feeling like I'm about to pass out!

Wednesday Night is the Show! I'm pretty excited!

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