Friday, May 29, 2009

New Horse!

I miss the girl! Last night I decided to drive out to the barn to just say hi and give her some love. When I pulled in I couldn't figure out who the life of me the light brown horse was in the field. It's a small barn and there are only 13 horses, so the idea of a new one and a new boarder got me really excited.

I parked the car and went looking for the girl. Guess where I found her? In the field under about 2 inches of dirt. She doesn't even look like herself. I should have guessed that was her that I saw when I pulled in, but silly me. She also looks like she grew another inch! She is HUGE. She has defiantly grown since February, and is filling out beautifully! She looks like an expensive imported Warmblood. She would be a great mare to breed to a Warmblood, aside from the fact I would never do that to her and her confirmation isn't perfect.

How do you even go about getting that much dirt off of a horse? I think I need to hang her up by the legs and beat her like a rug. I took her in and tried to brush the dirt off of her, but it just kept coming up! Seriously, aside from giving her a bath, or grooming her for hours and hours, is there anything I can do? I guess that's part of owning a horse...

After trying to take at least an inch of dirt off, I took her into the arena. Usually I walk over to the other side of the arena with her to make sure that the other door is closed and locked before I set her go. Today I just let her go. Guess where she went running too!! I freaked and ran over to the door, but she just stood there looking at it until it was closed and locked and then she took off running. I think that she thinks she has to go to the door before she's allowed to run around. It was pretty cute.

It's going to be above 80 today! A good day to scrub off some mud, depending on how I feel.


joanna said...

You might want to consider a horse vacuum. They are wonderful things. I'd use mine more, but I need to get new hoses. When my son was 2 he found my twine cutting scissors and, well, ...... I've been procrastinating getting new ones.

Glad you're feeling better, BTW.

(word verification ELUMAD. huh?)

Denali said...

ELUMAD? As in an Emu/Llama hybrid? Hum.... Horse Vacuum...hum...that could be a good idea, but I see Denali hanging from the rafters! HA HA HA.

Feeling better! Got out and gave her a bath today...that's a whole other story...