Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pictures!! (See I really do own a horse!)

This is what I get. I say, "Denali, Smile" and I didn't even look at the picture until now. Thanks Denali!!!

She always gives me this look before we work. It's her, "I'm too cute and we should just go eat grass together" look. It doesn't work!! (all the time.)

And now for the proof!! I really do ride her!! I'm even smiling! My position isn't wonderful, but oh well.... we're working on that.

And of course, her favoriate thing to do!!! This was after her bath that she kept drinking out of the hose. I wish I had pictures of that!!


Pony Girl said...

Fun pictures! I love capturing the tongue shots on my horse! :) She's a beautiful horse and you look great on her!

Denali said...

Thank you!!!! Yeah, she's a spaz and I love her.