Friday, April 22, 2011

How's Your Horse?

For most of my "real world friends" they do not know that this blog exists. I can thing of two, maybe three of them that know that I have a blog. This is for a variety of reasons. One is that I can be totally honest here. I can vent, and write down how I'm really feeling without feeling judged. Sometimes I mention it, but quickly realize that I'm not ready to have them read my feelings. Plus I can bitch and complain about them when they are assholes. Ophie's mom knows I have this blog, and her boyfriend. I don't care if they know that my horse terrifies me on a regular basis. That most horses now terrify me on a regular basis. It's funny how your mind works.

So, since my "real world friends (horse and non-horse)" don't know about this blog I often get e-mails and messages asking me, "How's Your Horse?" A nice, simple question that I still have a hard time answering.

Some of my responses:

"There are days that I don't think she's going to live to the next day, and days I think I'm going to be the one to kill her. "

"For  horse, she's totally busted, but for Denali she's doing awesome."

"Interesting." (Which is usually my response when I am too tired, and don't have two hours to explain how Denali's doing.)



I have such a hard time answering this question. She is a complicated horse, and I know they are just asking to be nice and 9 times out of 10 probably don't really care.

I think the most important answer is "Alive."


Annette said...

Most of my friends know about my blog but the horsey ones here about what I post anyway so they don't follow it. I haven't told anyone at work - same reasons you site - although I rarely blog about work. It just feels weird.

in2paints said...

LOL! Great responses! I especially like that first one...

People at work ask me about my horses all the time and then when I actually start rambling on and on, their eyes glaze over. Especially when I start talking about abscesses, shockwave therapy, torn ligaments and other things non-horse people don't know anything about. I don't think they really wanted to hear the answer, they were just being polite. Serves them right, though, for asking!

Jay Jennings said...

99% of my friends don't know of my blog either (not that I have posted in months); but it's a way to vent and get things off your mind.

Glad D's doing better. Best wishes!

Barbara said...

When non-horsey people ask about Nina my answer is just like when people say 'hi, how are you?' 'Fine'
The script response is 'fine'
Protocol observed.

Megan said...

I hear you. Completely. I get that a lot too and my answer is equally complicated, but yes, she's alive. This time last year, I couldn't say if she was going to make it another day.

Hang in there. Hugs to Denali. Just know that you are awesome and I admire you dedication to your horse.

Dom said...

Expensive and naughty...


Kate said...

The last is definitely the most important. Without it, the rest wouldn't apply :)

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

omg..i kinda hate that question b/c it's so complicated to answer and then you see their light in their eyes fade when you try explaining that to a non horse person lol.
I do the same as you, short, easy answers.
People ask me and it went from "day to day and keeping my fingers crossed" "on the right track" "he's happy and enjoying his horse life" etc.
She's happy..that is important. You are going to learn to not be afraid of her 90% of the time if not more!! xo

achieve1dream said...

Most of my real life friends don't know about my blogs either! I like having a place where I can be myself without ever feeling judged or teased if I say or do something stupid. :)

I think alive or fine are good answers. If they aren't interested and are only being nice (especially if they aren't horse people) there is no sense it trying to explain in detail. :) When you see her next give her a hug for me.

Ashleigh said...

"Hows your horse?"
"One-eyed, too skinny, out of shape, neurotic because of the weather, and 132 miles away from me, thats how he is."
I actually said that to a well-meaning friend, the poor guy just didn't know what to say hahahaa.
I dont have a problem with work/school friends knowing about my blog, its the people at my barn that I keep it from (because I always have the urge to rant about them, and one of these days I may just snap and do it).

Drillrider said...

I used to work at a place where "fine" meant the following:

F-'ed up

So the next time they ask, just say Denali and I are "FINE" and smile on the inside regarding the true meaning of the word!!!

It works for ME!

Can totally relate to the non-horsey eye glazers too!

Kelly said...

:) My sister asked me today what Dressage is...this after my first show on Saturday!

People at work ask occasionally also - I get the glazed look a lot, because we horse people tend to go in to great detail at every opportunity.

Hugs to your girl!