Monday, April 25, 2011

Life is funny.

I find life hilarious.

Example A: For some reason tonight I am severely allergic to SOMETHING in my living room. We don't know what, but if I'm in the room I can not stop sneezing. I gave up and have relocated myself to the bedroom. Boring.

Example B: My knee. I went to the doctor today, and apparently I was diagnosed with some disorder of some part of my knee (patella?) a year ago, but I never listened. Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (I think.) My right hip has no muscles in it because my right knee isn't working right. My right ankle needs a bone removed and it's just a waiting game of how long until the tendon that is stretched across the bone will hold up. I am lucky enough to have an extra bone in my ankle that is putting pressure on a tendon. The older I get the weaker the tendon. Oh the joys of being....30. Dear God, what is going to happen when I'm 40?

The plan for now is to do Physical Therapy. No riding for now, or doing anything that will put pressure on my leg. That means cleaning too right?? Apparently whatever is wrong with me is a common problem for women. The muscles on the outside of my leg are much stronger than the inside. The inside muscles get weaker and my outside (don't you love my anatomy explanation) pull my knee cap doesn't track right. When I run, this happens a lot in a short period of time and every thing swells up. And that is my medical explanation. I also need to build up my hip muscles and get my ankle done.

Funny thing is that if I would have just kept riding my muscles would have been "normal." So before I ride, I need to get those muscles built back up. Ha! Who am I going to ride?

Life is funny.


SprinklerBandit said...

Come here and ride my pony mare!! She's good most of the time...

Marissa said...

I have the same problem with my knees! I used to run in college and they bothered me a lot. Now that I've stopped running I don't have too much pain, though my knees will ache in the cold when I'm riding. Like you, I just ignore it -- and I am sure that will bite me in the butt at some point! I don't have an extra bone in my ankle though... that makes you extra special :)

eventer79 said...

I always knew running was bad for me. Totally sympathetic to weird body pain at way too young an age. It sucks.

achieve1dream said...

I'm sorry things suck for you right now. :( I've been feeling that way too. Getting a little fed up with 2011 at this point. :(

I hope physical therapy helps quickly. Just stick with it and be patient. I'll be thinking of you and sending healing vibes. Good luck!