Sunday, April 3, 2011


If you haven't figured it out by now I'm a bit overprotective of Denali. I never thought about her being protective of me. Yesterday and today I got a little glimpse of the horse I think she wants to be.

Yesterday I was brushing out her gross, gross tail while she was eating hay with her boyfriend. He seems like a nice horse, and there is no "warning" on his stall so I just stood there brushing her tail and talking to her. I had him behind me, but he was eating and it is HONESTLY his favorite thing to do. I didn't think anything of him. She did this weird spook thing and ran in front of me ( putting her between me and Cody.) I was mad at her for being a butt and gave her a half hearted smack on the butt. That's when I noticed that Cody had his ears pinned to his head and was giving me the snake look. She kept glaring at him, but he wasn't aloud to go near me. Good Mare.

I ran out today to check out her hives (did I mention mare-face has hives all over her face?) and they were in the arena together again. She saw me pull up and turned her nickers on high. I love this horse more than anyone can understand. I could do without the anxiety attacks I get when I think of trailering her or riding her.... but regardless, Love her!!

I rubbed her face, which at first she was not happy about then realized that it felt good. Poor thing looks like a chipmunk. I put some benedryl on her door that they can give her if she's still bad tomorrow. Mr. Cody was standing back eating hay and watching us. I ignored him (really he's fat, but I can take him ;0) he started to come up to us and Denali got this look of "I'm scared, but don't want to leave you." The next part was so weird, I told her I'd be fine, to run away from him ( I don't want her to get hurt! I have insurance that will pay for me.)  No sooner were the words out of my mouth then she did a nice roll back (although, obviously stiff) and took off running, but watching me the entire time. He took another step towards me, and she came tearing back down the arena towards us, pissed him off and he took off chasing her and I quickly got out of the arena.

She's in heat, and I swear she gets very momma like when she's in heat. We'll see if protective Denali stays around.

I LOVE this mare. I can't wait to put this all behind us, and just have a good relationship. I think she wants to work with me, I just don't fully get her and still have some fear issues (bucking and trampling do that I think...) I'm starting to trust her again, and I think once I can do that the riding will be easy. Hell, I'm just so glad she's alive. I don't care if I can't ride her. I'm going to turn her into a trick horse. (Plan B)


achieve1dream said...

I like plan B. Heck I'm turning Chrome into a trick horse because he's still too young to ride. :)

That's so cool that D was protecting you. I've heard of horses doing that, but haven't experienced it personally. The Appy mare I grew up with was the dominant one so she was always pinning her ears at other horses and chasing them away).

I hope you can get past the fear soon and learn to trust her. Any progress made on the trainer plan? I think putting some miles on her will help you out a lot. :) Keep up the great work.

Denali's Mom said...

That is still the plan. I'd like to do groundwork with her and feel that I have tools in my tool bag before I send her. I try to not think about it too much, because I'm afraid that something will put that plan in the garbage. I STILL Haven't talked to the vet about it. I'm afraid of what she's going to say. I don't like bad news, so if I don't ask I can't hear "no" right?

SprinklerBandit said...

She's so sweet in her own special psychotic way. <3 mares. Izzy also chases the stupid gelding in her field off me, but I think that's just so she doesn't have to share cookies with him.

You have to start working her at some point. How else are you going to use that shiny new bit? ;-)

achieve1dream said...

Lol yeah I'm the exact same way so I totally understand. :) Try not to worry too much (hard I know) things will work out for the best. You still have her and that's the best thing ever.

Peppis Mom said...

So awesome that she protected you like that, D is an awesome horse. My mare is slightly protective over me out in the pasture, but only after I catch her. If I'm just in the pasture, all the horses can come up to me with no problem. Once I have her lead around her neck, she nips and pins her ears at any horse that comes near us. Goof mares. I like Plan B! I'm turning Moosie into a trick horse too! Lol she loves to work, so even when she is "Off" (Like last night) I give her a job, be it learning how to bow(still workin on that one) or how to open the "freezer" (Which holds all the treats) which she now has down.

Good luck With Miss Denali! I feel your pain when it comes to both hives and with horses having leg issues, So far, 2 out of 3 that I have ever owned ended up with some sort of leg problem.

Ms Martyr said...

You have probably already mentioned this but are you riding any other horses? I think it would be a great confidence/skill builder plus would help keep you in riding shape for when you eventually do ride Denali.

Denali's Mom said...

Actually, I thought about it... maybe the reason that she wouldn't let him hurt me was because she is the only one allowed to hurt me. She doesn't want to take the fun away from her.

Denali's Mom said...

Ms. Martyr, that's the plan. I'm currently not riding. I'm saving up my $$$ (aka my work exchange) until she goes to training. Then I should have enough saved up to go 3 X a week for 3 months. (Hopefully)