Thursday, April 21, 2011

Never A Dull Moment...

Today was Denali's Spa day. It's only been 8 months, but princess has developed some nice points on her teeth and they needed to be fixed before she got the ulcers that we both loved so much. (She gets ulcers, I get ulcers....oh fun.)

My poor brother is in town and I made him get up early to come with me. About half way to the barn he asked me if he needed his Passport. Okay, it's far but not that far.

Denali was in the arena when we got there and one of the Vet's interns went into the arena to get her. Ms. Mare showed her best manners.

She pinned her ears, squinted her eyes, and took off running (a bit neurological at I was embarrassed of her poor social skills (because I of course take it to heart) so I opened up the arena and stepped in. Denali saw me, stopped dead and came running over to me good as gold. I just don't think she likes the tech. She is always anti social around her.

The float was normal. Denali needed double sedation. The vet is so calm and patient with her. I am always impressed. Denali's front teeth needed a little bit of work, but nothing bad. During the float I looked over and saw one of Denali's best friends laying down in her stall. I had never seen her resting like that, so I took a picture.

After taking the picture, I noticed that she was looking at her belly. Uh oh! The vet was finishing Denali's float and as soon as she took off her ear protectors I pointed out Sunny to her. I got a halter on her and we took her blanket off. Her belly was so bloated (you can see it in the picture.) She's a cribber, and already had colic surgery as a 2 year old. Poor thing. The vet gave her banamine, but she kept sticking her leg out towards me, like "help!" I felt so bad.

Denali was starting to come out of her sedation and noticed that her BF was laying down (aka out of her sight.) Denali decided to go all herd-bound mare on us and started to scream. She first started to do low nickers, and when Sunny didn't answer she lost her mind.

(Caution: Blood)

The vet tubed Sunny, and we helped mix up the stuff that got put into her belly. I like learning, but not under these circumstances. The poor girl. She got a bloody nose, but other than that it went well. She started to fart and the intern started to hand walk her. I guess she's doing better. I'll be happy when I can go back out and give her a hug

When Sunny was out walking around Denali decided to lose her mind. She kept screaming, and screaming. She hates being in a stall if other horses are going and coming. One of the caretakers joked with me about me wanting to take her out. I have new magical powers, so I figured I could do it. I love my horse. She was crawling the walls, but as soon as I opened the door she stopped and stood perfectly still while I put her blankets and halter on. It sort of reminded me of a 2 year old temper tantrum. As soon as she got what she wanted she stopped.

She was a good girl. She tried to lead me out to the field, and I worked on keeping her behind me. It was much easier when she was totally calm to practice, but I tried anyway. I laughed the whole way. Once we got to the pasture and I took her halter off she just stood with me. She didn't go running off with her friends. She stood by me until I told her it was okay, that she could go. She took off like a bat out of hell. Love my mare. Love her and all her broken parts.

Didn't get a real chance to talk to the vet about all my questions since Sunny was sick. We are going to try Devil's Claw again. We're going to start her out with just a little bit and then see if there is a change. 


Kate said...

Poor Sunny :( but I'm happy the vet was already there and could take care of her right away.

achieve1dream said...

Poor Sunny!! I'm glad you noticed something was wrong and that she's going to be okay.

What a good girl D though. I mean I know she threw a temper tantrum, but she was really listening to you it sounds like. She's finally turning to you for guidance when she's stressed. That's so awesome!

I'm looking into getting Chrome's teeth done too. He has a hook on one tooth that I can see so I know the rest are probably bad too. Wish us luck!

Codi said...

Have you thought of using Equioxx? Works better than almost anything I've seen, and it's safe. $8.95/dose, which you're supposed to do daily, but with your vet you might be able to come up with a different regimen...