Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Notes To Self.

1. Change Smartpak. Do not have them show up the day you run out. That requires waiting for UPS and then an hour drive to the barn.

2. You can't please everyone. It's okay if people hate you. (ROUGH day at work. I won't elaborate.)

3. Remind your blog followers how much you love them! I got my picture in the mail yesterday! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! Thank you so much. Opening the package went something like this

  • Pick up package - Smile
  • Open package - Smile while crying
  • Look at picture - bawling
  • Open Card - Laugh and then cry.

I love you all!! I was SHOCKED at the number of people who donated. My husband said he feels bad that you all donated and then Denali still lived. I do too, well I don't feel bad that Denali is still alive, but that you donated your hard earned money. Thank you again!! It's going to get framed this weekend (well a frame ordered for it!)

Thank you: Andrea, Jennifer, Meghann, Aimee, Beth, Rebecca, Carie, Cheryl, Shannon, Lacey, Kristen, Ashley, Heather, and Jennifer!!!  I know MOST of your blogs, and those I don't I think I know.... I wonder who's "Blogger Name" goes with who. Regardless, Thank you so much!! I am going to get a little frame for the card. It is so awesome. I will need to remember to post pictures.

Drove Denali's supplements out to her tonight and helped at the barn for about two hours. My job? Bring in and feed the TB mare. Um....that would be Denali. I'm getting paid to take care of my own horse. My vet is too nice.  She was a good girl and I used my new magical powers to make her listen and it was the first time I handled her since our bucking incident that I felt in charge. It was a good feeling. I love her. She has hives again. We think it's something in the arena since she slept in that last night. She's in her stall tonight to see if it changes.

OMG!! I need to take a picture of the little tiny pony that is at the barn now! CUTEST THING EVER!! He was the vet's surgery pony in med school (and her reason for creating the center.) Usually they do a bazillion things to the ponies and then put them down. She didn't. She saved hers and nursed him back to health. I could stand over him and my butt would come no where near his back. I'm IN LOVE!!! The center is a place where med students come to learn how to do things so that the ponies don't need to have needless surgeries to teach. Med students get real world experience and I love this vet for it!!


Frizzle said...

Aw, poor little pony! Your vet sounds like an incredible woman; she earns major points with me for saving her pony.
Oh, and I'm "Megan" although it's actually spelled "Meghann" (no prob, I'm used to nobody being able to spell my name -- that's what I get for having the goofy Irish spelling!) I'm SO glad that the gift was NOT a "this-is-to-remember-your-horse" gift and I'm sure that none of the people who donated towards it thought, "Oh, geez, too bad Denali lived." We're just happy that you still have your girl!!

Denali's Mom said...

Ah! Thank you! It's going to drive me crazy until I can fix it tomorrow, but I misspelled it. My cousin is Megan, so after Meg my brain stopped working. Andrea totally spelled it right! Thank you so much.

Snowhawk Przhevalsky said...

*is Ashley*

And I still have something to send you. Tax return arrives on Friday, so HOPEFULLY I can get it out Saturday or Monday, once I find/make a box. :3 (I just had to find something weird sized.)

And I am also glad it was not "I'm sorry your horse is gone" gift! I'm incredibly happy to read she's still here.

Marissa said...

Love the picture, and wish I could have been one of the ones to contribute but it was taken down by the time I got around to it! Such a sweet thought though, and I really love being a part of the horse-blogging community when I see how we rally and support each other. So, so, so glad that your beautiful girl is still around for you to bring in from the field and feed dinner!

achieve1dream said...

That's sad that they do that to the ponies. Having to "nurse him back to health" just gives me horrible visuals of what they do to them. I'm so glad she saved her pony and started her center to hopefully save other ponies. Your vet is amazing. :)

I can't wait to see pictures of your gift. I would have donated but was new to your blog at the time and had no clue it was going on. :) Oh well, I prayed really hard for you and D and I like to think that helped some too. Hugs!

achieve1dream said...

I know EPM was ruled out back in December, but when I read "Many EPM horses have neurological symptoms that don’t heal." I thought of Denali. Here is the link to the blog post. http://epmhorse.org/WordPress/?p=641&cpage=1#comment-625

SprinklerBandit said...

Ditto Friz/Megh--I'm so glad you got it and I'm absolutely THRILLED that it's a hooray, you and Denali are going to make it gift! Don't feel even the tiniest bit guilty.

Andrea said...

Ooops I did my best to get everyone's name right ;) I only got a few replies when I asked everyone to send in their blogger names so I just left that out when I wrote up the card. We love you and Denali!

Gryph said...

I think I donated, but I can't remember. If I did, I'd be the Rebecca. Becky, please. ;) If not, it was probably because money Issues were occurring around then. But I do remember planning to donate. ^^;; Still treasuring those books I bought from you!