Friday, July 23, 2010

Dear Denali, I hate your new hobby.

Ms. Denali has a new hobby. Giving mom a heart attack. She likes this new hobby and tries really hard to make sure that she does her best at it. Denali has figured out that she can run again without it hurting like hell. Great. Just great. She doesn't run, and just stands around, but when she sees me, or hears me, yikes! Takes off like a lunatic. Thanks Nawlers. She seriously stresses me out.

Yesterday she was running around in her little tiny paddock (how she could figure that out I don't know.) I got nervous because the ground is uneven and she tripped once or twice (and my heart went into my throat.) The next smallest area is the round pen, but that is right next to Ophelia and Ophie's new friend, and that just won't work. Denali will either A. Try to start fights and kick the fence, or B. Run around like a maniac because she wants to go with them. SO, I moved her to my next option. A nice flat (very flat) dry paddock (she dislikes this part) on the other side of the barn. It is the stallion enclosure, and so it's fitting that my stallionesk mare would be in there. The problem is that it is bigger than the other two, and she starts running when she sees me. The vet said that as long as she isn't limping and isn't doing it everyday that it should be okay. I know that this area is a little bigger than what she is "suppose" to be in, but it's also much safer for her. There are no horses nearby, just a goat. She seemed happy. I put her lik-it out there, and filled her treat ball with grain. UGH!!! I hate not knowing the right thing to do. I don't want her in her stall, she hates it!!

I got really depressed yesterday, I just feel really guilty that I can't send her to Pegasus to rehab. That was the plan then the stupid $1,300 vet bill happened and that went out the door. I mean other people don't send their horses away for re-hab right? I just want her to get better and she's not making much progress. UGH! Denali, you make me a nervous wreck. Also, some of you donated money to me in order for me to send her to Pegasus. If you donated (I kept track) and are upset that I didn't end up sending her e-mail me at and I will send your money back. Please know that any money that was donated to Denali went straight to her vet bills and I didn't use any of it for me. I'm still eating cereal for dinner ;0) I just don't want anyone to think I'm trying to trick you. :) Ms. Denali will still be taking donations. :)

I'm calling my vet to ask for a total for vet bills since last September. I'm curious, and I know I'll be sick. Anyone want to take a guess??

I'm just going to go with the thought that she will be find and that she will be ridden. Based on that idea I started my quest for some better boots! I wanted something that would keep her tendons cool, but would provide the support she needs and protection (since she hits herself when she runs, thanks glorious confirmation!)

I've decided on the Equine Premier brand. I really like the review's that I've read and the idea of the boot being built to cool makes me happy. What I'm struggling with now is what type of boot? Do I buy her just the Kevlar (yes, Kevlar) brushing boots? They don't provide as much protection as the Air-Cooled Eventing Boots, but I wonder how much protection she needs now? Then there's the turn out boots that they have. I wish there was some magic book that said, "If this happens, do this, this and this." Any ideas anyone? I wouldn't boot her at all, but she always hurts herself when she runs around. ALWAYS!!

I had a craptastic ride on the Morgan yesterday. I was in a grumpy mood, my trainer was in a grumpy mood (I was being a PIA) and the Morgan tripped that morning and twisted her fetlock. Not swollen or hot, but she was grumpy too. It wasn't pretty. Plus I am still SO SORE from riding the huge Mr. Monster that all and all it wasn't much fun.

We have two shows coming up, and I've decided in my great wisdom to do both the Intro A and the Intro B test. We're not going to do well, but my reasoning is we always do better the second time around and I'm hoping this is the case!

It's suppose to be in the low 80's this weekend in the Pacific Northwest.

TGIF! What fun things do you have planned for the weekend?


Nicku said...

Stall rest is tough. I went through MONTHS of it with my mare for two separate injuries. I didnt even KNOW rehab facilities existed until...wait for it...the day I gave her away. That day I went into the office of my farm and saw freshly dropped off flyers for a new rehab place in our area. I sighed as I knew she was well on her way to her new home and that in reality, dropping thousands more for someone facility to deal with didnt really make sense for me. What I am saying is, lots of people rehab on their own and as I'm sure you've learned from Andrea and Gogo, it just takes A LOT of time. Conservative is ALWAYS better. If my horse had her injuries and was messing around in what little turnout she had, I would pull the plug on it. It is now not just that leg you need to worry about, it's everything else that is weak and prone to injury too since she's been on rest. I mean, go with what your vet and your gut say of course guys know your horse best!!!

Anna said...

If it makes you feel better I spent roughly $1500 in vet bills on my rat. Yes. My rat. She is easily the most expensive animal I have ever owned. Never ever AGAIN. Homeopathic remedies have saved her ten times over. Of course, I didn't research these options until AFTER the damage to my wallet was done :X

Denali's Mom said...

I guess my reason for sending her to rehab was that I wanted it done "right" and I didn't trust myself to handle her and do it "on my own" so far it's going better than expected. It's amazing what you can do when you HAVE TO!

Anna, that does make me feel better!!!! You're rat is one lucky little guy!!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

It does take TIME. It's annoying and there are days when you can't deal, but that is normal. If I can give you hope that time literally will get her CAN do it on your own (with your vets help) you may not need to feel sooo guilty to take her to Pegasus. She is getting loved and cared for more than a lot would do for her, so feel good about that.
Oh and money spent..come on...I topped over $10k in about ohhhh 6 mths and we are STILL healing.
Btw-I've heard Pegasus boots are great boots that u can also turnout in. Dual purpose may be good for a tight budget.
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goodtimetoreview said...

I wish we could transplant my horse’s brain into D’s head while she rehabs. Firstly he LOVES being in his stall. He’d be in there 24/7 365 days a year if we let him. Secondly he doesn’t run around when turned out…ever. I don’t think anyone has witnessed him take off running ever. And thirdly he’s been rehabbed for his legs many times so he knows the drill. We think that maybe he associates running with getting hurt so he doesn’t like to do it anymore. Smart thinking on his part if it’s true, bad for me when I want to canter him!

Story said...

I saw these advertised today: When I saw they were specifically for turnout I thought of you right away. I have no experience with them but if you haven't bought anything yet, they might be something else for you to research.