Sunday, July 25, 2010

Me = Pain in the Ass

I'm an anal pain in the ass. I know this. I try really hard to NOT be an anal pain in the ass, but it comes naturally to me and when it involves one one thing that I love the most in this world (that is not my super amazing wonderful husband whom I love very much) that ability I have to be a pain in an ass intensifies 10 fold.

I've been having freak outs about the enclosure that Denali was in. I kept mentioning that I thought it was too big, and I talked about it on here last week. I kept dropping hits (aka, "Hey, I really feel like that is just too big for her") and nothing changed. Understandably, Denali was totally fine, and in reality, she loved walking around. However, I was just really afraid that she'd hurt herself (for the millionth time.) I mentioned my wish for a fence to cut the paddock in half to Ophie's mom and Ophie's mom's boyfriend and they said they'd help me build a fence. I went today and bought some temporary fencing and then decided to ask the property owner. (My trainer, and the property owner are two different people.) He's super nice, but is very particular about things (our barn is beautiful, and there is a reason for that.) Currently Denali is in "his" paddock since it's attached to to his barn (we have two barns.)

I gave him a sob story and he was really nice about it and said it would be fine, as long as I clean out the poop (or someone does) so it doesn't pile up. I don't think he realizes how anal I am, so that will not be a problem. He even told me I could put more permanent fencing in if I wanted. Back in January I stayed up with him, his wife, and their colicing 28 year old horse until 1 am and 25 degrees out, and am I ever glad I did.

That is what is new in the Denali front. She was mad at me today because she had to stay in her stall. The fencing isn't done and mean, mean mom didn't want her out.

In other news, went to the Dressage show today!!!

I must say, I am beyond proud of Morgan Mare. We had some interesting rides the past three days (aka, battle of wills and she often won) but today she was great!! Our Intro A test was a little rocky, but we delivered a pretty solid B test. We got 3rd place in Intro A, and 4th in Intro B. I was a little disappointed in Intro B, but in actuality I tied with someone, and then lost with the tie breaker. It was a really nice ride regardless of our score. I really think that Morgan Mare needs her own Dressage test. I would have given her a 70 (for her) but we only got a 55. It was still a great ride!! Congratulations to Ophie and her mom who won 2nd place in both Intro A and Intro B!! I believe their scores were 61 and 62. They looked really good!!

T-6 days to the dressage show I actually care about! Ms. Morgan and I have a lot of work this week!!

I've had crazy, crazy dreams this weekend. I dreamed on Friday night that I got 15th place in the dressage show and then last night I had a nightmare that the vet was putting Denali down! Ugh!

Oh, and in other "me" news, I made the decision today to delay my surgery, as least for 4 months, if not a year. :) I am having too good a time riding, and I want to be able to ride Denali when she is allowed to be back to working mode. I haven't busted my ass everyday for the past three months for it to all go away while I hobble around for 3 months. D and I have never had a consistent period of time together. EVER! I am ready to break that cycle!! I haven't talked to my Dr. yet, but it's my leg. If I can live with the pain then I think it should be fine, right?


Leah Fry said...

Talk to the doc. MAYBE if you can live with the pain, waiting is okay. But maybe you can do more damage if you wait. Wouldn't want that now, would we?

Carol said...

Great, newsy, update. Congratulations on your show and good luck on the next one. I'll be waiting to hear how it goes. I'm doing Intro with my green horse this summer too. They are deceptively hard! :) They're great for focusing goals and making progress though.

Laura Maynard said...

I hear ya on the paddock size! Panache is also in one that is too big but my BM isn't too keen on finding a way to make it smaller... plus there are/were lots of 3-inch "driveway" rocks in there. Wore her last pair of aluminum shoes down to razor sharp! Thank goodness for her daily Reserpine pill though, it's keeping her nice and quiet. Glad to hear the shows are going so well. It's awesome when all the hard work feels like it's paying off!

word verification: muddier (lol!!)

Olly said...

New reader to the blog but I'm all caught up now! Wow what a ride you and Miss Denali have been on, but she is so gorgeous and I'm glad you keep on fighting to keep her sound! I totally understand how frustrating it is to overcome one injury just to get bogged down by the next. Don't worry, you'll be riding her before you know it! And trust me, it'll allll be worth it because it's a horse YOU fought for and rehabbed. Kudos to you for sticking it out with her.

Capilet said...

Did you get 55 on both tests, or just B? I'm glad to hear you did B after all :) I assume you're doing both at HHSC this weekend as well? Cay and I are doing both there, as well as at the SAFE show the following weekend. Much bathing and clipping to be done this week! See you Saturday :)

Nicku said...

Yay, that is so amazing that you have a BO that is so understanding. I think you're totally right about not letting Denali have too much room to roam as she rehabs. Good job with the Morgan! It's fun to hear about your progress :)