Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' Keep that Pony rollin'....

I once had one of my students say to me, "When I love you, I just love you SO MUCH, and when I hate you, I just fucking hate you." That was from a 6 year old, but you know what? I think I know what he means. I feel exactly the same way about my horse.

She was beyond adorable today. I'm not sure what is up. She defiantly hasn't tired anything crazy in the past two days. She tried today, but I said "No" and she stopped. She loved to run after she rolls, so she hopped up and let out the cutest squeal ever and then just stood there. I think she's feeling better and wants to go, soon baby ponykins, soon.

It was 84 degrees in Seattle today, a chilly day compared to some parts of the US. I was so tired and didn't want to go to the barn, but also didn't want Denali to spend the entire day in her stall. I pulled a lawn chair up in front of her stall and decided to take a nap instead of riding the Monster Morgan. I totally fell dead asleep, but each time I'd walk up Denali was standing in the front of her stall watching me. When I'd open my eyes she'd nicker the lowest little nicker and then I'd go back to sleep. I did this for about and hour and it was awesome.

I brought a book with me, "The King of the Wind" and decided to try and finish it. I sat in my chair and read, and Ms. Denali took her little nap, so I kept an eye on her. Lol, we were our own little herd keeping an eye on each other. It was funny.

Being in a stall for months Denali has developed some new tricks. She poops whenever she sees my trainer or a wheelbarrow. My trainer gives Denali a flake of hay while she cleans her stall a few times a day so obviously Denali thinks if she poops more she'll get more hay. Smart horse.

The other trick she did was today during hand walking. We were walking around the arena and the door was open to the inside. Denali slowed way down as we came up to the door and I didn't think much of it, but when we got to the door I kept going past it and she ducked out of the arena and started munching a bale of hay. I couldn't get to her since when I backed up her butt was sticking in my face. It's hard to picture, but I promise my horses bad manners were hilarious.

So today Ms. Slew, I love you so much! (Well, I love you everyday, but you piss me off!)

The vet called me tonight. She's going to come out (instead of the surgeon) to do the next round of shock wave. She thinks Denali might be okay after two rounds, which would be awesome since that is not cheap. Denali's lump is going down and she seems to feel better so who knows if it's working or not. She also said she's very impressed that Denali could tear her lateral carpel ligament and not be lame. My pony's a wonder that's for sure!! I didn't get a chance to ask her of Denali's future as a riding horse, but I'm just going to go with yes! I don't see why she wouldn't be fine.

Good day with the ponykins, but the world needs order so we'll see what it has in store for us this weekend.


Frizzle said...

Glad to hear that Denali is doing well and turning down the psycho a little bit.
King of the Wind -- wow, I haven't read that since I was a little kid, but it's such a great book!
Also -- not sure if your vet has mentioned it, but I figured I'd give you some info on a supplement that's good for tendons/ligaments. Silica can help heal soft tissue injuires; it's certainly not a miracle, but it can work. It's in Smartpak's SmartFlex Repair & SmartTendon.
Good luck!

Denali's Mom said...

I know, lol, I finished it in an hour. Great book!!

I haven't looked into that but was planning on it, you saved me the dirty work! ;0)