Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sweet Pony Mare

Yesterday I went out to the barn to ride and to hand walk, er, fly my kite. She has been SO naughty the past few days while hand walking that I wasn't really looking forward to it, but knew it had to be done.

Once I got to the barn there was a little girl who was having her 2nd lesson. She asked the trainer if she could ride the mighty Morgan and that was fine with me. I figured I'd watch for a little bit. Of course I got bored with watching within 3 seconds and asked if I could borrow her horse. He's and awesome Appendix (you know what Denali was suppose to be!) very fun to ride. He's like riding a Cadillac. He bends, he collects, he is pretty awesome. I only rode him for about ten minutes and then got off. I'm still getting over my fear of riding other horses, and I would feel more comfortable about riding him if it were in a lesson. He was awesome thought. He does spook once in a while (like Denali) and when he does he goes big. Thankfully that didn't happen, and I'm not sure that I would be too thrilled if it did. Baby steps.

I'm 100% confident on the Morgan, who is now collecting on the bit apparently (she use to be a carriage horse so has a bad habit of holding her head way up high.) I guess I do some good with her after all. My trainer said the little girl who also rides her was all excited about how "she" is training the Morgan to collect today during their lesson. My trainer said she just smiled at her and said "good job." I'm glad I can say I'm doing something.

Then it was time for pumpkin's turn outside. I cleared the aisle way and explained that I was going to hand walk Denali and to stay out of her way. I'm sure people thought I was a freak, but my horse can go from 0 to psycho in about 0.2 seconds when she hasn't been turned out. She walked calmly into the arena, and proceeded to be a very good girl! She started sniffing the dirt so I let her drop and roll. I braced myself against her and was waiting for her massive skill of jumping straight up in the air and trying to take off (she has ALWAYS done that.) I kept telling her "easy" and "lets take it slow." Guess what! My horse acted normal. I was so excited. She got lots of love for that. Ah, the simple things in life!


Gingham said...

So glad she's home and happy! (and normal!!!!!). Small victories, right???

Laura Maynard said...

What a good girl! Glad you had a good ride on the Cadillac too... love those types :)

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

LOL..maybe she sensed that you wanted to sell her that last time you hand walked her, b/c of her crazy antics. They have a way of knowing when we are at our limits. :)

Anonymous said...

Drugs (for the horse, not you!). For safety of horse and handler during rehab, highly recommended. Nice that you got a ride on the fun little horse.