Thursday, July 8, 2010

iTunes Gift Cards

I have iTunes gift cards that I bought for gift but never gave them away. They are equal to $60.00 and have never been out of the package (one package with 4 in it.) I thought about having a raffle. $5.00 per chance, 3 chances for $10.00. Ms. Slew would pick the name out of a box. If she spooks...well, I'll pick it. We'll even video tape it so you can see the winner fair and square.

If you'd be interested in a raffle, click on the donate button on the right hand side of this blog and type in either $5.00 or $10.00 and ta-da! You're entered to win the iTunes Gift Cards. Ms. Denali will even pose for a picture to go with the cards for the winner! Contest ends on August 1st.

I'm working on something else I think I'm going to "raffle" off instead of sell. It's super pretty and I'm pretty impressed with myself at the moment. I love winning things so I'd think that other people would like to win things too instead of buying it. Hell, maybe you hate both and are thinking in your head "Denali's mom has gone off the deep end, what in the hell is she thinking?" Anyway, you can't be wrong.

Feel free (actually, I'd love it) if you'd re-post this because I'm ridiculous like that.

Back to the pony at hand, someone mentioned drugging Denali when I hand walk her. I do! She's one drugged pony. She's on Reserpine, which makes her super calm, and I have ACE. She's gotten wonky on the ACE ever since she had her Reserpine shot, so I'm waiting another week or so to use it. She's been doing really well. I'm proud of her. I'd go crazy if I were in her shoes!

Happy Friday everyone!! Denali wanted me to tell you she loves you all! I give her all the messages that you write. :) (Seriously, I tell her what people are saying to her... but I make sure no one is around because the only people at my barn who know about this blog are Ophie's mom and Ophie's mom's boyfriend. Hi Ophie's mom!!

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instigatorkate said...

Ace and Reserpine combined can cause serious hypotension (low blood pressure). I wouldn't chance it. If you need something else, I think some of the other sedatives like Rompun don't drop the BP as much.