Monday, July 12, 2010

Dear Mare

Dear Morgan,

I understand that you are tired and don't think you should have to work today. I'm also sorry that I pulled you away from your boyfriend, but seriously he's 14 years younger than you. When I ask you to slow down your trot, it does not mean to go 90 miles an hour. I own a Thoroughbred and trying to half-halt you back is reminiscent of riding Ms. Slew. After our battle, I FINALLY got you to slow down and you did canter, but was all that fuss and such necessary? You're really good at cantering! Also, must you dive off the rail and trot as fast as you can? I also know that you love your Quarter horse friend, but she'll be in the arena EVEN if you're at the other end. You will not die, I promise!

Regardless I love you little Morgan Mare, but next time less of a battle of wills would be great!



Jay Jennings said...

Tisk, Tisk; cheating on your TB mare with another... Shame. Angie hangs her head in disgrace.

Denali's Mom said...

HA HA HA. Denali totally knows of my scandalousness relationship. She doesn't exactly approve, but she's only pinning her ears every other time we walk past her stall.

Leah Fry said...

They've gotta keep us on our toes, right?

Karen said...

heh heh. I owned Morgans for years and they are NOTORIOUS for this! They try to intimidate you by going fast and while they are "forward" they are actually behind your leg. Tricky little critters they are. Yours sounds like a good soul though. :-)

Running4TheRoses said...

Twelve more days until you are no longer stall-bound! Yay! Also, I ride a Quarter Pony who acts like your Morgan Mare. He hates being away from the other horses and when he's all alone- God Forbid- he does nothing but scream. The only reason we still keep our little studdy gelding pony is because he can jump better than most horses.