Thursday, July 15, 2010

Doctor and the Vet

Denali and I both were seen this week for our right hinds. One of us gets to have surgery....let's just say that I'm not real excited about 10 weeks on crutches.

I have had a pain in my foot when I run, and it would leave me limping for DAYS after. I stopped running, but it still bothered me. My foot would be stiff after riding, or walking for long periods of time. I finally gave up and decided to call the doctor and ask her what she thought. She did an x-ray and said, "That's not right" and then referred me to Orthopedics. I went yesterday. I need to get a CT scan, but he said that's only to see exactly what he's going to do when I have surgery. I have either A. An extra navicular bone, or my navicular bone has a mass on it. Regardless it's ruining the tendons (or some other fancy medical term I don't know.) He said they will also need to detach the tendons and then reattach them after they fix the bones. This means no pressure what-so-ever on my right leg for 6 weeks then slowly building up. This also means I get to hobble around with crutches and a cast of varying shapes for 10 weeks. 10 WEEKS!! UGH! I am not happy. I asked him if I could wait until November and he said that was my choice. I still am waiting for them to call and schedule the surgery, but I want to wait until it's ugly and cold. I want to ride and do other things!! UGH!!

Good news and bad news for the girl!!!! She had her second shock wave therapy today. The vet said she's not really happy that she's still lame on her left hind, but that her right hind is looking better. She's allowed to be turned out now in a smaller paddock, but I need to check on her legs and make sure that they don't get hot, and she doesn't become more lame on it. AND I'm allowed to ride her for 5 minutes at the walk uncollected and in straight lines. I'm going to give her a few days of being turned out before I hop up on her back. I'd like to keep healthy.

I was a bit bummed today as I wrote my check for the vet. I told her that I just can't afford to send Slewy to Pegasus. Not now, not with more bills coming. In the month of July (just July) I've spent $2,100. I also saw my dream saddle, Prestige 2000D, Used, for $1,500 and it would have been perfect, but I need a horse to ride before I get my saddle. I also need to win the lotto.

Also, I wanted to apologize for my lack of pictures. When I'm at the barn I'm hand walking and I don't carry my camera since I sometimes need both hands to control the beast.

One last thing. I wanted to send a thank you to Christine! She bought Denali's shoes that I auctioned off on e-Bay. Christine was my best friend in high school. We both suffered through Catholic High School, Volleyball, and a multitude of similar injuries. I posted my ad on facebook and she bid on them. It made me happy to know that Denali's shoes are going to a good home.

When we were in 8th grade she owned a very pretty duck named Becky. One day we were at her house hanging out and I picked up her duck to hold her. Becky tried to get down and was trying to jump so I let go. Becky never got up again. Yes, I was a duck murdered, and even now, 17 years later I feel bad. So, Christie, if you read this I haven't forgotten!! I'm still going to get you a duck!!!


Anonymous said...

Ugh - surgery is the worst, but then at least you should be as good as new. At least you can choose when to do it.

Drillrider said...

Just when you get to start riding Denali, then you have to have surgery? Talk about a streak of bad things happening. Hope things brighten up soon!!