Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Warmblood Wednesdays

Today was my lesson on Mr. Monster. It went much better and I don't feel as much like dying after last weeks lesson. I think the problem was that I was so tense because I was on a new horse, and that he is such a big mover that my body didn't take it very well. Today went great! I love that horse! He's an amazing, amazing mover! I want to kidnap him, although his owner told me she'd know where to go when he came up missing.

Also at the barn of Warmbloods is a large Thoroughbred. He is the sweetest, sweetest old man (I think he's 15?) He is in the pasture with 3 of the other large warmbloods and there is one who always comes barreling towards me when it's time to come in for dinner. Every single time this big boy, we'll call him Briar, steps in between us and pins his ears at the Warmblood. It almost seems like he's trying to protect me. He doesn't care when he goes in, but he sure does make sure that I'm safe. Turns out he has absentee parents. He's been at the barn since before this trainer moved in, and I guess they never come see him. I asked if I could clean Briar up and love on him. I'm excited to have a pony to go visit there, the trainer said it would be fine, and he's probably love the attention.

Back at the ranch, Ms. Denali is doing well. Not testing the fence, and hanging out enjoying the sunshine. She's become obsessed with me and will nicker and nicker and nicker when she sees me. It use to be super annoying!

Had a good ride on the Morgan tonight, worked on bending and getting her to loosen up. She is really stiff, and it is going to take some work, but even after 30 minutes, she was moving better. We're going to a dressage show this Saturday doing Intro A and Intro B. I hope we can have as good of a ride this weekend as we did last weekend. I don't ever expect to come in 1st place, but I do enjoy having a great ride!


Olly said...

Emma & I have our fingers (and hooves) crossed for you!! Good luck!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

awesome..sounds like you have lots of fun horses to play with while Miss D heals. Laz started nickering to me when I pick up his halter/lead..I tricked myself into thinking it was a love nicker but now that his big fat belly is showing, it's all about the "Yeaaa...grass time!" Lord.

Anonymous said...

15 isn't old!

Even 20 isn't old!

25-30 is "old man" territory!

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