Monday, July 19, 2010

Evil word of the day: Supplements

I'm sure that I have mentioned this before, but I HATE HATE HATE supplement shopping!!! I hate it!

I started ordering Denali's supplements through smartpak. Super easy, super convenient, super stressful. I did a one time order because I still wasn't "sold" on what I picked out. Her deminer has gotten so much better, and I wonder what caused it. Could it be that she had ulcers (no doubt there) and now she feels better since I put her on a supplement, could it be the new calming supplement that I decided to try or could it be that I've had enough come to Jesus moments with her that she just is an angel now. I doubt it's the last one because she's been good no mater what. I also thought it could be the Resperine, but she got her last shot June 22, so it should almost be worn off by now and she's STILL an angel. Not that I'm complaining!!

Want to know what else she did? Are you sitting down?? She didn't try to kill a horse who ate some of her hay in front of her stall. She just stood there with her ears forward! We were shocked, I thought she'd break the stall down. Denali LOVES food, any food in sight is her food and normally she gets really, REALLY angry if HER food disappears!

What's up with my horse!? Not that I'm complaining.

Anyway, the reason I ask these questions is it's time for me to order supplements again.... the problem with ordering supplements goes as follows:

1. She's on extra doses of Vit. E due to EPM and her nervous system. It did wonders for her after she was treated, and she can't go off of that. It's around $21.00 a month.

2. Calming... Ms. Slew has always been on a calming supplement, I really like the one she's on now Smart Calm Ultra. She's a focused, happy peach. It's $25.00 a month

3. Ulcers- Denali was never scoped for ulcers (see lack of budget) but the vet agreed that it would be a good idea to put her on something. I chose TracGuard and between that and the calming supplement I saw a change almost immediate. It's not that bad, only $12.20 a month.

I don't want to take her off of any of those.

I had her on Biotin, and would like to continue, but I'd also like to put her on a supplement for her joints/ligaments/tendons. That's when I run into trouble. There are a trillion out there!! I've had her on Trifecta, and Cosequin (but hate that it's powder) Ugh. I can't figure out what to put her on! I like the ease of Smartpak's but I'll try anything.



Snowhawk Przhevalsky said...

I -know- the Cosequin brand Petsmart sells come in a tablet form for dogs and cats (I saw several bottles through my line while working there). Also, a quick Google search for "Cosequin tablet equine) shows some available (but it looks pricey, and I'm no sure of the tablet count). It's weird that a supplier would have it in powder, and not tablet. o-O

Dock Start said...

You will save a lot buying in blulk and mixing your own supplements. Get a weeks worth of small tupaware containers or zip lock bags and off you go. Works great and really cuts down on the cost. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Nimble Supreme. In all my research they use the highest quality ingredients and are priced same as /lower than a lot of other products. Worked wonders for my mare. I'd be carefuly mixing my own- have heard of problems comeing up when people do it. Good Luck!! -Kat

Ashley said...

Not sure what form it is in (pellet or powder) but my vet swore by Tandem for a joint supplement. I couldn't get it through SmartPak though so thats why I went with CosequinASU. Smartpak is easiest for me since I travel all week. Do you want to keep her on all that she is on already or will you be taking some away? I love shopping supplements...entertaining and fun for me!!

P.s. We haven't seen any Denali pics lately ;-)

Denali's Mom said...

I know Ashley :( If Denali knew I've had more pictures of the Morgan on here than I've had of her she'd be PISSED! I'll be sure to take some this week, now that she's allowed out of her stall it is much easier!!

Thanks for all your suggestions. I bought some small tuperware containers and will probably be making my own "smart pak" again. It's just cheaper that way (at least in my head it is!)

Laura Maynard said...

I use Cosequin as my joint supplement and SmartHoof for some extra growth/strength in the hoof wall. Cosequin is one of the only (if not the only) joint supplement to have underwent stringent clinical testing. And they make it without MSM which sends my mare through the roof.. hot, hot, hot!!

When I did the cost comparison I found that it was about even to buy from SmartPak if I was buying in quantities where I wouldn't worry about the supp going "bad." If I bought enough quantity to make the bulk worthwhile it would take six months to go through the supp... too long for my comfort. Plus I was always running out of supps at different times. With the SmartPak everything comes at the same time and I can apply free shipping codes usually.

Gingham said...

Bah! I meant to email you. I spoke with the head of UC Davis last week (lucky me) and was discussing Vit E. He swears by one particular product saying that the amount of E that actually gets absoarbed by your horse is basically WAY higher with this formulation than with anything else, I'll post on it shortly, but I just ordered some. It means I'm knocking P down from 7500is to 2500iu daily for maintenance..

Miles On Miles said...

I really like SmartPak Repair, and it seems perfect for a horse in Denali's stage of recovery. It's got high levels of MSM and glucosamine plus the other stuff you want. I haven't used it, but I sure would if Miles (god forbid) ever hurt himself. I think it's really important to have high levels of the good stuff to have any effect...for instance, Miles is on 10000 mgs each of MSM and glucosamine, and it's made a huge difference. I'd love to put him on one of the more comprehensive formulas that SmartPak offers, but they're a bit out of our price range right now, especially since he's not having any issues. I get his supplements from Valley Vet as there's usually no shipping charge if you order enough (sneaky little strategy:).