Saturday, July 10, 2010

Getting Cocky

I love my horse.
I love her so much!

Today was one of my student's birthdays. He doesn't have much. He had asked me during the school year if he could come meet my horse. I said sure, someday over the summer I'll take you. Then I asked him if he liked horses. "I don't know, I've never seen on in person." HU? Poor kid, doesn't surprise me.

So today was the day! I took him to my fancy barn that I work at because he lives 40 miles from the barns and I wasn't about to run back to get him. He stood there with his mouth dropped open. The woman who I work for was getting her 17.3 Dutch Warmblood ready to show to a prospective buyer. She told him not to worry, the horse he was riding today was probably not as big. He was so cute. I really am not a kid person, but he was so good around the horses. I made a bran mash for one of the Giant's and he just stood there watching the horse make a mess of himself. I guess it doesn't matter if you are worth $75,000 you still look ridiculous with bran mash on your face.

We then ran to the store to buy lunch. He picked out 3 bags of carrots and 13 apples to take to the barn. He probably weighs 50 pounds at the most, but is pretty tall. He tried so hard to drag those bags to the car.

My trainer gave him a lesson, and she was SO good with him. He seriously did awesome! I had him ride my Monster Morgan because I was going to ride her anyway and then she'd be groomed. She was a bit of a pill to start, but then was a well behaved pony. It's great to see that this little guy riding her. Ophie's mom and Ophie were cantering in circles, and that's all he wanted to do. We let him trot at the end, and he did awesome!

After his ride my trainer switched out the tack and got the Monster ready for me. Today was the day.....

....after almost a year I finally cantered a horse in a controlled manner. We actually kicked ass if I do say so myself. I was proud of us. Now for the cocky part. Tomorrow there is a show that is a benefit for a horse rescue. I'm entering the Novice classes (gasp!) Sure, one day of cantering totally prepares me to show, no problem! :) Oh dear god! Thanks mom and dad for paying for your 29 year old daughter's entry fees. I'm a major fail.

Oh, want to know how else I fail?? I paid my credit card twice! I paid $1,500 twice...that means I have no money until August 1. Oh great right? BUT, my credit card is almost paid off (Thanks Denali Vet bills!) so hopefully in August I'll have more than two pennies to rub together.

Oh, and I think my idea about having a raffle for the iTunes gift card is also a stupid idea the more I think of it. I have no idea how I would even go about doing that. Maybe I'll just try to sell them for $50.00.


Anonymous said...

That's so neat that you were able to give that boy the gift of horses for a day! Good for you for pushing your boundaries in your lesson, and I'll bet you have fun at the show.

Leah Fry said...

It's such a joy to share horses with kids, especially when they really connect like that.