Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sucking Sunday

At the last minute (10:30 pm) my trainer and I decided to go to a show today. It was just a flat class, but it was a lot different than the other shows we've gone to.

A. Everyone was dressed to the 9's (where did that saying come from anyway? Is that even right..)

B. The horses were groomed perfectly.

C. EVERYONE knew how to ride. There we no newbies there, and if there were you couldn't tell.

Needless to say, and I'm not making excuses, we didn't do so well. My first W/T Equitation class Ms. Morgan REFUSED to drop her head. I had a lot of static in the reins, but figured that out too late. The second class we did a lot better at (aka, her head was where it was suppose to be) but it was a pleasure class and she had her ear's pinned the entire time.

We got 3-7th places and Reserve. Boo!! :) Totally my fault! I wanted to go so I can practice for our dressage test on the 31st. Not that this was a dressage show, but I still needed to make her listen in public. (Each class had 10 people)

Morgan 1, Me 0

I decided to try trail just for fun. By some sheer luck we managed to get 3rd place in trail out of 10. We had a moment at the mail box (because Morgan was at the opposite end of the arena and all her friends were at the other end and she thought the mail box was going to kill her.) I was proud of that.

Ms. Denali is enjoying the sunshine. She eats ALL DAY! I brought her in when we got back and rinsed her off. It was really hot in Seattle. She was a peach. Stood perfectly still and didn't budge. She's such a sweet girl lately.

If I'm not too exhausted tomorrow we're going to do our first long line lesson.

Oh, one more thing.

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Beth said...

Here is a site that sort of explains where "dressing to the 9's" comes from:

Sorry the show didn't go to hot, sounds like it was a learning experience though. I know that if I just decide to do something like that on the spur of the moment, I don't do as well, but as long as you had fun and learning something I'd count it as a success.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Hey..I think just having the nerves to show at all is a great achievement! :)