Saturday, July 31, 2010

Disaster Area

See that my friends? That's what you eat when you just did a dressage test where this is your best picture.
Yes, I know it's not a good picture, that's the point. We did H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E so, so, so horrible!! I don't know if I could describe our horribleness here....we did THAT BAD. I started laughing during out 20 meter circle in the A test because it was just THAT BAD. I thought the judge was going to ring her bell to ask me what the hell we were doing. She didn't, but I bet she wanted to.

Ms. Morgan and I had a HARD TIME Friday night. She was VERY opinionated, and I wasn't going to give in to her, which just pissed her off. I think that was part of the problem, she was such a PAIN IN THE ASS Friday, that i just expected it today. She fulfilled that!! Ugh, Morgan! Yesterday was bad, today was horrendous! I don't think I'd be so upset if we didn't do so well last week.

I looked like I was doing a pony ride, while drunk, and wandered into the dressage arena. Our first test was so bad, I refused to wear my jacket for the second test, I was hoping people wouldn't remember us.

Ms. Morgan decided today that she hated the flash, so I got it off as fast as possible once I got her to do what I wanted her to do with it on. No more flash, not until I get her a different bit and try that. It amazes me that we did so well, and today she decided that she HATED THE FLASH. Hated it. I want the Morgan happy, so I tried to make the Morgan happy.

Morgan didn't want to use her back. At all. She just pretended it didn't exist and no mater how much I tried to convince her otherwise she just drug it behind us. Her neck was as high as she could get it. When we got back to our barn after my public embarrassment, I decided to lunge her in side reins. I'm going to get a pair of Vienna Side Reins. I can use them on Denali too (WHEN she is sound, good thoughts, good thoughts...) She needs to use her butt and she can, I've had her do it before. I have 4 days to figure out WTF is going on with Ms. Morgan, and then I leave for a week to go on a Cruise (with my parents, not that exciting) to come back to public embarrassment number 2.

In Thoroughbred news, she threw a tantrum tonight. It was actually PRETTY hilarious. Around 7 o'clock she decided she wanted to go in. We saw dust coming from the other barn so we walked over and there was my light brown colored horse. When she saw us she came over and did the nicker, give me foods look. After we didn't take her out she got pissy. She started running around (because NORMALLY I would go in and grab her) that didn't work (I did yell whoa and she did stop.) Then she did it again and stared pacing to come in. At that point I left princess. I asked the trainer to leave her outside and bring her in last. Can't throw a fit and always get what you want. Silly Mare.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Caption Crunch

Ok. Someone has to be more creative than me!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flash Friday

Okay, okay, it's Thursday, and no, I didn't mean THAT kind of flash...

Ms. Morgan and I had a battle of wills tonight. It wasn't pretty. I think that part of it comes from me. Something happens when I get my ride times....I get nervous....really nervous!! We ride at 11:30 and 12:32 on Saturday. Gulp! Plus, I know three of the riders in Intro A and 4 in Intro B. All amazing riders. THAT makes me nervous too. I don't know why I can't get it into my head it needs to be about me improving. Not about me winning. That can come later, I just started riding again.

The Morgan just wouldn't accept the bit tonight. She kept taking it away and going above the bit. I tried for a while to get her to relax and to drop her head, but she was just so, so resistant. I'm going to blame part of that on the small children who ride her and yank on her head. I decided to introduce Ms. Morgan to the flash. I've never used it on her, and I don't think that she's ever had one on. It immediatly made a world of difference. She was so light that I had to practice for a while to be able to connect with her without having too much pressure. I usually get a full upper body work out from half-halting her. Good thing is, she seems MUCH MUCH happier and was very, very willing. Bad thing is I have no idea how to ride her now. Lol, we have a lot to work on tomorrow, and normally I don't work her very hard the day before a show.

In Thoroughbred news, she was convinced that I was trying to kill her tonight. How DARE I take her into the barn and put her into the cross ties. Torture!! Pure Torture. She had to stand still for a whole 15 minutes while I groomed her and did her feet. She was so unhappy. Dinner was a meer 3 feet away and she wasn't allowed to go into her stall. She was pretty upset, and it was pretty hilarious!!!

Tomorrow I'm having show and tell with my students at work. I'm bringing in my measuring stick and we're going to find out how many hands they are. They, in all their cutness, spent 10 minutes trying to CONVINCE me that I should bring Denali in for show and tell. They were going to pick grass for her and then tie her to the bike rack. The other teachers thought it would be "so neat!" I asked them about their experience with horses, and the types of horses that they've been around. You know, safe, sane trail horses....I then explained to them Denali....needless to say the other teachers agreed with her staying at the farm. I do wish I had my own truck and trailer and the ability to bring Morgan Monster to meet the kids! She'd love it, and it makes me sad that most of them have never seen a horse. I don't know what I'd do without them in my life!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Warmblood Wednesdays

Today was my lesson on Mr. Monster. It went much better and I don't feel as much like dying after last weeks lesson. I think the problem was that I was so tense because I was on a new horse, and that he is such a big mover that my body didn't take it very well. Today went great! I love that horse! He's an amazing, amazing mover! I want to kidnap him, although his owner told me she'd know where to go when he came up missing.

Also at the barn of Warmbloods is a large Thoroughbred. He is the sweetest, sweetest old man (I think he's 15?) He is in the pasture with 3 of the other large warmbloods and there is one who always comes barreling towards me when it's time to come in for dinner. Every single time this big boy, we'll call him Briar, steps in between us and pins his ears at the Warmblood. It almost seems like he's trying to protect me. He doesn't care when he goes in, but he sure does make sure that I'm safe. Turns out he has absentee parents. He's been at the barn since before this trainer moved in, and I guess they never come see him. I asked if I could clean Briar up and love on him. I'm excited to have a pony to go visit there, the trainer said it would be fine, and he's probably love the attention.

Back at the ranch, Ms. Denali is doing well. Not testing the fence, and hanging out enjoying the sunshine. She's become obsessed with me and will nicker and nicker and nicker when she sees me. It use to be super annoying!

Had a good ride on the Morgan tonight, worked on bending and getting her to loosen up. She is really stiff, and it is going to take some work, but even after 30 minutes, she was moving better. We're going to a dressage show this Saturday doing Intro A and Intro B. I hope we can have as good of a ride this weekend as we did last weekend. I don't ever expect to come in 1st place, but I do enjoy having a great ride!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Better Late than Never

I spent the entire afternoon building Denali's fortress. She is now enclosed in a small turn out where she can not kill herself. Hopefully. I spent over an hour just hot taping the perimeter. My trainer offered to do it, but I got into it and really liked trying to figure out how to wire everything. It looks nice if I do say so myself! The only downfall is we did not have a fence tester. Before I re-did everything the fence would snap, crackle and pop. After I re-did everything it didn't make a single noise. I didn't think it was working. I was wrong. Ouch! :)

And without further ado, photos!!

"Do you see this!! Look at this! How does mom expect me to gallop ANYWHERE!"
Fort Denali

And since I've sucked in the photo posting area of my life....
From Into A. I chickened out Intro B and had my wonderful camera friend call it instead of taking pictures.

Sleepy Morgan! She let me come right up to her, and if I wanted to I could have just laid down and napped too. Denali won't have this at all, she'll jump up as soon as you come anywhere near her.

"What I did this summer." The morgan and I sort of excel at getting 3rd place. I think we have 7 or 8 of them! :) I laugh, everyone else sort of throws their ribbons on their stalls. I very carefully place mine and dust them off. HA! I'm re-living my life as a 12 year old!!

Oh! And my surgeon called me today. I have an extra navicular bone on my foot. It needs to come out, but he told me that if I can live with it then I can wait. I just need to schedule an appointment 2 months prior to when I plan on having the surgery. I'm thinking either February, or next fall. We'll see. Of course it hurts today, but I think that's because I've been thinking about it.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Me = Pain in the Ass

I'm an anal pain in the ass. I know this. I try really hard to NOT be an anal pain in the ass, but it comes naturally to me and when it involves one one thing that I love the most in this world (that is not my super amazing wonderful husband whom I love very much) that ability I have to be a pain in an ass intensifies 10 fold.

I've been having freak outs about the enclosure that Denali was in. I kept mentioning that I thought it was too big, and I talked about it on here last week. I kept dropping hits (aka, "Hey, I really feel like that is just too big for her") and nothing changed. Understandably, Denali was totally fine, and in reality, she loved walking around. However, I was just really afraid that she'd hurt herself (for the millionth time.) I mentioned my wish for a fence to cut the paddock in half to Ophie's mom and Ophie's mom's boyfriend and they said they'd help me build a fence. I went today and bought some temporary fencing and then decided to ask the property owner. (My trainer, and the property owner are two different people.) He's super nice, but is very particular about things (our barn is beautiful, and there is a reason for that.) Currently Denali is in "his" paddock since it's attached to to his barn (we have two barns.)

I gave him a sob story and he was really nice about it and said it would be fine, as long as I clean out the poop (or someone does) so it doesn't pile up. I don't think he realizes how anal I am, so that will not be a problem. He even told me I could put more permanent fencing in if I wanted. Back in January I stayed up with him, his wife, and their colicing 28 year old horse until 1 am and 25 degrees out, and am I ever glad I did.

That is what is new in the Denali front. She was mad at me today because she had to stay in her stall. The fencing isn't done and mean, mean mom didn't want her out.

In other news, went to the Dressage show today!!!

I must say, I am beyond proud of Morgan Mare. We had some interesting rides the past three days (aka, battle of wills and she often won) but today she was great!! Our Intro A test was a little rocky, but we delivered a pretty solid B test. We got 3rd place in Intro A, and 4th in Intro B. I was a little disappointed in Intro B, but in actuality I tied with someone, and then lost with the tie breaker. It was a really nice ride regardless of our score. I really think that Morgan Mare needs her own Dressage test. I would have given her a 70 (for her) but we only got a 55. It was still a great ride!! Congratulations to Ophie and her mom who won 2nd place in both Intro A and Intro B!! I believe their scores were 61 and 62. They looked really good!!

T-6 days to the dressage show I actually care about! Ms. Morgan and I have a lot of work this week!!

I've had crazy, crazy dreams this weekend. I dreamed on Friday night that I got 15th place in the dressage show and then last night I had a nightmare that the vet was putting Denali down! Ugh!

Oh, and in other "me" news, I made the decision today to delay my surgery, as least for 4 months, if not a year. :) I am having too good a time riding, and I want to be able to ride Denali when she is allowed to be back to working mode. I haven't busted my ass everyday for the past three months for it to all go away while I hobble around for 3 months. D and I have never had a consistent period of time together. EVER! I am ready to break that cycle!! I haven't talked to my Dr. yet, but it's my leg. If I can live with the pain then I think it should be fine, right?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dear Denali, I hate your new hobby.

Ms. Denali has a new hobby. Giving mom a heart attack. She likes this new hobby and tries really hard to make sure that she does her best at it. Denali has figured out that she can run again without it hurting like hell. Great. Just great. She doesn't run, and just stands around, but when she sees me, or hears me, yikes! Takes off like a lunatic. Thanks Nawlers. She seriously stresses me out.

Yesterday she was running around in her little tiny paddock (how she could figure that out I don't know.) I got nervous because the ground is uneven and she tripped once or twice (and my heart went into my throat.) The next smallest area is the round pen, but that is right next to Ophelia and Ophie's new friend, and that just won't work. Denali will either A. Try to start fights and kick the fence, or B. Run around like a maniac because she wants to go with them. SO, I moved her to my next option. A nice flat (very flat) dry paddock (she dislikes this part) on the other side of the barn. It is the stallion enclosure, and so it's fitting that my stallionesk mare would be in there. The problem is that it is bigger than the other two, and she starts running when she sees me. The vet said that as long as she isn't limping and isn't doing it everyday that it should be okay. I know that this area is a little bigger than what she is "suppose" to be in, but it's also much safer for her. There are no horses nearby, just a goat. She seemed happy. I put her lik-it out there, and filled her treat ball with grain. UGH!!! I hate not knowing the right thing to do. I don't want her in her stall, she hates it!!

I got really depressed yesterday, I just feel really guilty that I can't send her to Pegasus to rehab. That was the plan then the stupid $1,300 vet bill happened and that went out the door. I mean other people don't send their horses away for re-hab right? I just want her to get better and she's not making much progress. UGH! Denali, you make me a nervous wreck. Also, some of you donated money to me in order for me to send her to Pegasus. If you donated (I kept track) and are upset that I didn't end up sending her e-mail me at and I will send your money back. Please know that any money that was donated to Denali went straight to her vet bills and I didn't use any of it for me. I'm still eating cereal for dinner ;0) I just don't want anyone to think I'm trying to trick you. :) Ms. Denali will still be taking donations. :)

I'm calling my vet to ask for a total for vet bills since last September. I'm curious, and I know I'll be sick. Anyone want to take a guess??

I'm just going to go with the thought that she will be find and that she will be ridden. Based on that idea I started my quest for some better boots! I wanted something that would keep her tendons cool, but would provide the support she needs and protection (since she hits herself when she runs, thanks glorious confirmation!)

I've decided on the Equine Premier brand. I really like the review's that I've read and the idea of the boot being built to cool makes me happy. What I'm struggling with now is what type of boot? Do I buy her just the Kevlar (yes, Kevlar) brushing boots? They don't provide as much protection as the Air-Cooled Eventing Boots, but I wonder how much protection she needs now? Then there's the turn out boots that they have. I wish there was some magic book that said, "If this happens, do this, this and this." Any ideas anyone? I wouldn't boot her at all, but she always hurts herself when she runs around. ALWAYS!!

I had a craptastic ride on the Morgan yesterday. I was in a grumpy mood, my trainer was in a grumpy mood (I was being a PIA) and the Morgan tripped that morning and twisted her fetlock. Not swollen or hot, but she was grumpy too. It wasn't pretty. Plus I am still SO SORE from riding the huge Mr. Monster that all and all it wasn't much fun.

We have two shows coming up, and I've decided in my great wisdom to do both the Intro A and the Intro B test. We're not going to do well, but my reasoning is we always do better the second time around and I'm hoping this is the case!

It's suppose to be in the low 80's this weekend in the Pacific Northwest.

TGIF! What fun things do you have planned for the weekend?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Giant horses and Naughty Thoroughbred

If you watch the above video you'll understand the second part of my title. Ms. Denali! You know better than that!! When I showed up at the barn today to grab my helmet Ms. Slew was quietly grazing down her field as fast as possible. I started walking over to her when she reared up and started kicking out and then bucking. I thought, WTF! I didn't know what to do! She started running around bucking and rearing. Then I saw it!! It was about an inch long and the largest freaking Horse Fly I've ever seen. It just wouldn't leave her alone, so I grabbed her halter and took her inside. She was very calm once I got her out of there, but I had visions of her breaking a leg during her little bucking fit. She didn't seem any lamer than normal and no heat or swelling. Wheww!! That video was taken about 3 hours later. The only thing I can imagine is Denali has figured out that "Hey, it doesn't hurt when I run anymore." No Denali, it doesn't but if you would just NOT run, that would be awesome!

I asked my trainer to turn Denali out with her halter on just in case she freaked out and needed to be caught quickly. It's a break away, fits her great, and we've had it for 2 years, but she managed to somehow in the two days I wasn't around to lose all the hair on the right side of her face. The only thing I can figure out is that her face was itchy due to heat, and she kept scratching it. Needless to say, no halter was put on today. Nice Denali, make me look like an abusive horse owner. No one is going to give you any treats!!

I had my first lesson with the woman I work for (the Grand Prix lady with the Giant Warmbloods.) It went really well, but I was really embarrassed!! I've never ridden a horse with such HUGE movement! I kept laughing, even at the trot I was exhausted!! I was obsessively in love with the saddle. I felt like I was seat belted into the horse. I think it was an Albion? I want whatever it was!! We tried to canter, but I just couldn't stay balanced enough (plus the laughing didn't help!) I'm always tense when I ride, which became even more apparent when sitting on a horse who swings his whole body as he trots. Now I understand the concept of your legs being like wet towels. She told me I'm way to hard on myself and need to give myself credit. We worked on 20 meter circles and transitions. Good lesson, but it is going to take a while to get use to riding Mr. Monster. (Love him though! Super sweet, willing, and safe!)

After my lesson I went to the barn to get ready for a dressage show we're going to this weekend. I am signed up to do Intro A, but then found out that Ophie's mom's boyfriend is doing Intro B too. I mean, I may suck at doing it, but I just tried to sign up for that too. I wonder if I should put a little badge on my saddle pad that says "Sponsored by My Mom" Nah, that would be too embarrassing!!

Trying to get the morgan to break at the poll and collect is just PLAIN HARD! We worked on that tonight, but she just wants to throw her head up. I know I need to sit deeper into my seat and make sure I'm constantly working. As soon as she thinks I've taken a break she quits. Doesn't work out so well!

Hope you enjoy the video of Ms. Slew! I'm sorry I didn't take any pictures of her. I had planned on it, but she traumatized me with her running around so we went inside to her safe, no room for running, stall. Sorry for my crazy voice! She scared me, :).

How lame does she look?? Heal Denali HEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010


I don't often have time to read other blogs and decided to play catch up tonight. I just read one that made me thankful. I am thankful that my horse is well, just not sound, I am happy that shes's enjoying life, and I am grateful for the support I receive, especially from you.

SolitaireMare over at A Good Horse, lost her boy Rugby this week. He was beautiful, and had an amazing life with her. It breaks my hearts when people lose their best friend. I have tired to explain to people what a bond with a horse is like. I don't actually know if it's something you explain, or it's just something you experience. If you experience then you'd understand!

Hug your horses!

Evil word of the day: Supplements

I'm sure that I have mentioned this before, but I HATE HATE HATE supplement shopping!!! I hate it!

I started ordering Denali's supplements through smartpak. Super easy, super convenient, super stressful. I did a one time order because I still wasn't "sold" on what I picked out. Her deminer has gotten so much better, and I wonder what caused it. Could it be that she had ulcers (no doubt there) and now she feels better since I put her on a supplement, could it be the new calming supplement that I decided to try or could it be that I've had enough come to Jesus moments with her that she just is an angel now. I doubt it's the last one because she's been good no mater what. I also thought it could be the Resperine, but she got her last shot June 22, so it should almost be worn off by now and she's STILL an angel. Not that I'm complaining!!

Want to know what else she did? Are you sitting down?? She didn't try to kill a horse who ate some of her hay in front of her stall. She just stood there with her ears forward! We were shocked, I thought she'd break the stall down. Denali LOVES food, any food in sight is her food and normally she gets really, REALLY angry if HER food disappears!

What's up with my horse!? Not that I'm complaining.

Anyway, the reason I ask these questions is it's time for me to order supplements again.... the problem with ordering supplements goes as follows:

1. She's on extra doses of Vit. E due to EPM and her nervous system. It did wonders for her after she was treated, and she can't go off of that. It's around $21.00 a month.

2. Calming... Ms. Slew has always been on a calming supplement, I really like the one she's on now Smart Calm Ultra. She's a focused, happy peach. It's $25.00 a month

3. Ulcers- Denali was never scoped for ulcers (see lack of budget) but the vet agreed that it would be a good idea to put her on something. I chose TracGuard and between that and the calming supplement I saw a change almost immediate. It's not that bad, only $12.20 a month.

I don't want to take her off of any of those.

I had her on Biotin, and would like to continue, but I'd also like to put her on a supplement for her joints/ligaments/tendons. That's when I run into trouble. There are a trillion out there!! I've had her on Trifecta, and Cosequin (but hate that it's powder) Ugh. I can't figure out what to put her on! I like the ease of Smartpak's but I'll try anything.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sucking Sunday

At the last minute (10:30 pm) my trainer and I decided to go to a show today. It was just a flat class, but it was a lot different than the other shows we've gone to.

A. Everyone was dressed to the 9's (where did that saying come from anyway? Is that even right..)

B. The horses were groomed perfectly.

C. EVERYONE knew how to ride. There we no newbies there, and if there were you couldn't tell.

Needless to say, and I'm not making excuses, we didn't do so well. My first W/T Equitation class Ms. Morgan REFUSED to drop her head. I had a lot of static in the reins, but figured that out too late. The second class we did a lot better at (aka, her head was where it was suppose to be) but it was a pleasure class and she had her ear's pinned the entire time.

We got 3-7th places and Reserve. Boo!! :) Totally my fault! I wanted to go so I can practice for our dressage test on the 31st. Not that this was a dressage show, but I still needed to make her listen in public. (Each class had 10 people)

Morgan 1, Me 0

I decided to try trail just for fun. By some sheer luck we managed to get 3rd place in trail out of 10. We had a moment at the mail box (because Morgan was at the opposite end of the arena and all her friends were at the other end and she thought the mail box was going to kill her.) I was proud of that.

Ms. Denali is enjoying the sunshine. She eats ALL DAY! I brought her in when we got back and rinsed her off. It was really hot in Seattle. She was a peach. Stood perfectly still and didn't budge. She's such a sweet girl lately.

If I'm not too exhausted tomorrow we're going to do our first long line lesson.

Oh, one more thing.

Dear followers who live in Seattle area. If you go to the Gift Horse, and would like a 10$ off of 50$ purchase coupon, e-mail me at I have 3 of them, first come (or e-mail). Include your address.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

And I lived...

I really wish I had a picture.

I got to the barn around 4 and no one was there but my trainer. I won't lie, my heart was in my throat the entire day. Ever have one of those days where you quickly read something or hear something and you can't remember later what is bothering you? That was today. I think it was my nerves about riding Denali, but who knows. I tacked up Denali and told my trainer that I was just going to lead her around the arena. May I just mention that Denali's girth is way too small now. I could just barely get the girth on!! It's on the bottom hole of the billets on each side. Yikes!! Someone needs to go on a diet!!

I took Denali in the arena and led her around for a minute or so. She seemed totally chill. I decided to try and get on her. She wouldn't stand still to save my life!! We had another "discussion" and I won. I put my right foot in the stirrup and stood up. She didn't budge. I laid across her, she seemed fine, and then I got on her the whole way. She didn't move.

I could totally tell that she was off. We were just walking, but Denali's walk isn't slow by any means. I put a little pressure on the reins, and she collected herself nicely. I kept telling her no collecting, dr.'s orders. After a few minutes, my trainer saw us. I think I gave her a heart attack. Lol, she wasn't expecting that I'd get on her, but I told her I needed to. I needed to prove to myself that I can still do this.

The ride ended uneventfully. Her "whoa" undersaddle is a little rusty, but other than that moved to pressure and did a good job. Hey, you can't do too much wrong in 5 minutes!

I've decided though that most of her rehab will be with long lines. I am feeling really confident, but I want to feel confident controlling her from the ground, JUST to make sure. It would piss me off to no end to go back to the chicken that I was!

After riding Denali (it is so nice to write that) I went and got the Morgan. I love that horse! She's just so cool to ride, she keeps me honest that's for sure. We had a really good ride! We finally got our long and low down (at least at our barn, at the dressage show I'm sure she'll throw hear head up and dive for the rail.) We did several near perfect (because I'm pretty sure nothing I do is perfect) 20 meter circles and some nice Trot/Canter/Walk transitions. It was a really good ride. She gave her all, which means the next time I will need to work for it!! ha!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Friday, July 16, 2010


I just wanted to post this picture. That is my horse...turned out! She didn't pick her head up at all the entire time! Lol. She was just so happy. I still asked my trainer to not turn her out first thing in the morning, I want to be there this weekend to turn her out and keep an eye on her. I'm just terrified of watching her take a lame step. Ugh.

The vet said that if she's still off in three weeks we're going to block her to make sure that it is just the suspensory. Let me just say, if it is something else too I will be beside myself!

We're going to attempt our first ride in 4 months tomorrow. If you don't hear from me in a while... It's only 5 minutes at the walk, but since I can not send her to Pegasus, I want to make sure that she's rehabbed correctly.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Doctor and the Vet

Denali and I both were seen this week for our right hinds. One of us gets to have surgery....let's just say that I'm not real excited about 10 weeks on crutches.

I have had a pain in my foot when I run, and it would leave me limping for DAYS after. I stopped running, but it still bothered me. My foot would be stiff after riding, or walking for long periods of time. I finally gave up and decided to call the doctor and ask her what she thought. She did an x-ray and said, "That's not right" and then referred me to Orthopedics. I went yesterday. I need to get a CT scan, but he said that's only to see exactly what he's going to do when I have surgery. I have either A. An extra navicular bone, or my navicular bone has a mass on it. Regardless it's ruining the tendons (or some other fancy medical term I don't know.) He said they will also need to detach the tendons and then reattach them after they fix the bones. This means no pressure what-so-ever on my right leg for 6 weeks then slowly building up. This also means I get to hobble around with crutches and a cast of varying shapes for 10 weeks. 10 WEEKS!! UGH! I am not happy. I asked him if I could wait until November and he said that was my choice. I still am waiting for them to call and schedule the surgery, but I want to wait until it's ugly and cold. I want to ride and do other things!! UGH!!

Good news and bad news for the girl!!!! She had her second shock wave therapy today. The vet said she's not really happy that she's still lame on her left hind, but that her right hind is looking better. She's allowed to be turned out now in a smaller paddock, but I need to check on her legs and make sure that they don't get hot, and she doesn't become more lame on it. AND I'm allowed to ride her for 5 minutes at the walk uncollected and in straight lines. I'm going to give her a few days of being turned out before I hop up on her back. I'd like to keep healthy.

I was a bit bummed today as I wrote my check for the vet. I told her that I just can't afford to send Slewy to Pegasus. Not now, not with more bills coming. In the month of July (just July) I've spent $2,100. I also saw my dream saddle, Prestige 2000D, Used, for $1,500 and it would have been perfect, but I need a horse to ride before I get my saddle. I also need to win the lotto.

Also, I wanted to apologize for my lack of pictures. When I'm at the barn I'm hand walking and I don't carry my camera since I sometimes need both hands to control the beast.

One last thing. I wanted to send a thank you to Christine! She bought Denali's shoes that I auctioned off on e-Bay. Christine was my best friend in high school. We both suffered through Catholic High School, Volleyball, and a multitude of similar injuries. I posted my ad on facebook and she bid on them. It made me happy to know that Denali's shoes are going to a good home.

When we were in 8th grade she owned a very pretty duck named Becky. One day we were at her house hanging out and I picked up her duck to hold her. Becky tried to get down and was trying to jump so I let go. Becky never got up again. Yes, I was a duck murdered, and even now, 17 years later I feel bad. So, Christie, if you read this I haven't forgotten!! I'm still going to get you a duck!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dear Mare

Dear Morgan,

I understand that you are tired and don't think you should have to work today. I'm also sorry that I pulled you away from your boyfriend, but seriously he's 14 years younger than you. When I ask you to slow down your trot, it does not mean to go 90 miles an hour. I own a Thoroughbred and trying to half-halt you back is reminiscent of riding Ms. Slew. After our battle, I FINALLY got you to slow down and you did canter, but was all that fuss and such necessary? You're really good at cantering! Also, must you dive off the rail and trot as fast as you can? I also know that you love your Quarter horse friend, but she'll be in the arena EVEN if you're at the other end. You will not die, I promise!

Regardless I love you little Morgan Mare, but next time less of a battle of wills would be great!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Super Sunday!!

Despite the fact that I had to wake up at 5am on the one day a week I get to sleep in, I must say that today was a pretty fantastic day!
See that my friends? That is a blue ribbon! I finally, finally did it!! And we did it in a Pleasure class where I had to canter!! Not too bad considering the fact that I learned how to do it yesterday. We got 2nd in Equitation Novice (another Canter Class, but someone was on the wrong diagonal. We won't name names) and we got 3rd in W/T Equitation - Open and W/T Equitation Pleasure- Open. I also got 3rd in Showmanship! Not to bad of a day! I was most excited about my 3rd places because they were big classes. My Novice classes not so much. But, regardless, I finally did it.

AND to make things more exciting!! I also won High Point Novice! I was hoping I'd get a ribbon but instead I got a gift card for Starbucks. I'm excited about that since I have been coffee deprived due to massive vet bills.

We did 5 classes and the Monster was a CHAMP! Usually she gets tired and quites after 2 classes, but she never gave up on me! It was funny. She refused to leave the arena because the gate steward was giving out carrots to the first place, somehow the Morgan became the only horse at the show to get a carrot no matter what. She has a way of talking people into doing things for her.

We got back to the barn and I went and worked at the other barn with the Giant Warmbloods. There's a new TB there who is CRAZY. Not so much crazy I'm sure as adjusting to his new surroundings. He spooks at EVERYTHING. I get less crap from my TB. He and I had a few come to Jesus moments and he settled down.

At my barn I decided to chance it and hand walk Denali outside, un-drugged. She's been so calm and such a good girl, I thought I'd try it.... Plus, I am going to wait to see what the vet says about a different sedative. Thanks instigatorkate.

Seriously, I almost cried she was so good. She listened to me the entire time (we've been working on listening to voice commands) and didn't spook at ANYTHING! Even when a pony friend of hers jumped out from behind a tree. Nothing, angel, and I love her more and more! I think me freaking out on her last week helped her to realize that I am in charge and she can trust me.

I put her in her stall and she just stood there staring at me. It was super cute! Then she tried to dribble water down Ophie's mom, but she moved before Denali could manage to get her. D did manage to blow crap all over us though.

I love my horse! I love her, I love her, I love her. I know I can type this, but I really wish there was a way for me to preserve my feelings so when I have a bad day (and I tend to have more bad than good.)

Hope everyone else had an amazing weekend as well!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Getting Cocky

I love my horse.
I love her so much!

Today was one of my student's birthdays. He doesn't have much. He had asked me during the school year if he could come meet my horse. I said sure, someday over the summer I'll take you. Then I asked him if he liked horses. "I don't know, I've never seen on in person." HU? Poor kid, doesn't surprise me.

So today was the day! I took him to my fancy barn that I work at because he lives 40 miles from the barns and I wasn't about to run back to get him. He stood there with his mouth dropped open. The woman who I work for was getting her 17.3 Dutch Warmblood ready to show to a prospective buyer. She told him not to worry, the horse he was riding today was probably not as big. He was so cute. I really am not a kid person, but he was so good around the horses. I made a bran mash for one of the Giant's and he just stood there watching the horse make a mess of himself. I guess it doesn't matter if you are worth $75,000 you still look ridiculous with bran mash on your face.

We then ran to the store to buy lunch. He picked out 3 bags of carrots and 13 apples to take to the barn. He probably weighs 50 pounds at the most, but is pretty tall. He tried so hard to drag those bags to the car.

My trainer gave him a lesson, and she was SO good with him. He seriously did awesome! I had him ride my Monster Morgan because I was going to ride her anyway and then she'd be groomed. She was a bit of a pill to start, but then was a well behaved pony. It's great to see that this little guy riding her. Ophie's mom and Ophie were cantering in circles, and that's all he wanted to do. We let him trot at the end, and he did awesome!

After his ride my trainer switched out the tack and got the Monster ready for me. Today was the day.....

....after almost a year I finally cantered a horse in a controlled manner. We actually kicked ass if I do say so myself. I was proud of us. Now for the cocky part. Tomorrow there is a show that is a benefit for a horse rescue. I'm entering the Novice classes (gasp!) Sure, one day of cantering totally prepares me to show, no problem! :) Oh dear god! Thanks mom and dad for paying for your 29 year old daughter's entry fees. I'm a major fail.

Oh, want to know how else I fail?? I paid my credit card twice! I paid $1,500 twice...that means I have no money until August 1. Oh great right? BUT, my credit card is almost paid off (Thanks Denali Vet bills!) so hopefully in August I'll have more than two pennies to rub together.

Oh, and I think my idea about having a raffle for the iTunes gift card is also a stupid idea the more I think of it. I have no idea how I would even go about doing that. Maybe I'll just try to sell them for $50.00.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

iTunes Gift Cards

I have iTunes gift cards that I bought for gift but never gave them away. They are equal to $60.00 and have never been out of the package (one package with 4 in it.) I thought about having a raffle. $5.00 per chance, 3 chances for $10.00. Ms. Slew would pick the name out of a box. If she spooks...well, I'll pick it. We'll even video tape it so you can see the winner fair and square.

If you'd be interested in a raffle, click on the donate button on the right hand side of this blog and type in either $5.00 or $10.00 and ta-da! You're entered to win the iTunes Gift Cards. Ms. Denali will even pose for a picture to go with the cards for the winner! Contest ends on August 1st.

I'm working on something else I think I'm going to "raffle" off instead of sell. It's super pretty and I'm pretty impressed with myself at the moment. I love winning things so I'd think that other people would like to win things too instead of buying it. Hell, maybe you hate both and are thinking in your head "Denali's mom has gone off the deep end, what in the hell is she thinking?" Anyway, you can't be wrong.

Feel free (actually, I'd love it) if you'd re-post this because I'm ridiculous like that.

Back to the pony at hand, someone mentioned drugging Denali when I hand walk her. I do! She's one drugged pony. She's on Reserpine, which makes her super calm, and I have ACE. She's gotten wonky on the ACE ever since she had her Reserpine shot, so I'm waiting another week or so to use it. She's been doing really well. I'm proud of her. I'd go crazy if I were in her shoes!

Happy Friday everyone!! Denali wanted me to tell you she loves you all! I give her all the messages that you write. :) (Seriously, I tell her what people are saying to her... but I make sure no one is around because the only people at my barn who know about this blog are Ophie's mom and Ophie's mom's boyfriend. Hi Ophie's mom!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' Keep that Pony rollin'....

I once had one of my students say to me, "When I love you, I just love you SO MUCH, and when I hate you, I just fucking hate you." That was from a 6 year old, but you know what? I think I know what he means. I feel exactly the same way about my horse.

She was beyond adorable today. I'm not sure what is up. She defiantly hasn't tired anything crazy in the past two days. She tried today, but I said "No" and she stopped. She loved to run after she rolls, so she hopped up and let out the cutest squeal ever and then just stood there. I think she's feeling better and wants to go, soon baby ponykins, soon.

It was 84 degrees in Seattle today, a chilly day compared to some parts of the US. I was so tired and didn't want to go to the barn, but also didn't want Denali to spend the entire day in her stall. I pulled a lawn chair up in front of her stall and decided to take a nap instead of riding the Monster Morgan. I totally fell dead asleep, but each time I'd walk up Denali was standing in the front of her stall watching me. When I'd open my eyes she'd nicker the lowest little nicker and then I'd go back to sleep. I did this for about and hour and it was awesome.

I brought a book with me, "The King of the Wind" and decided to try and finish it. I sat in my chair and read, and Ms. Denali took her little nap, so I kept an eye on her. Lol, we were our own little herd keeping an eye on each other. It was funny.

Being in a stall for months Denali has developed some new tricks. She poops whenever she sees my trainer or a wheelbarrow. My trainer gives Denali a flake of hay while she cleans her stall a few times a day so obviously Denali thinks if she poops more she'll get more hay. Smart horse.

The other trick she did was today during hand walking. We were walking around the arena and the door was open to the inside. Denali slowed way down as we came up to the door and I didn't think much of it, but when we got to the door I kept going past it and she ducked out of the arena and started munching a bale of hay. I couldn't get to her since when I backed up her butt was sticking in my face. It's hard to picture, but I promise my horses bad manners were hilarious.

So today Ms. Slew, I love you so much! (Well, I love you everyday, but you piss me off!)

The vet called me tonight. She's going to come out (instead of the surgeon) to do the next round of shock wave. She thinks Denali might be okay after two rounds, which would be awesome since that is not cheap. Denali's lump is going down and she seems to feel better so who knows if it's working or not. She also said she's very impressed that Denali could tear her lateral carpel ligament and not be lame. My pony's a wonder that's for sure!! I didn't get a chance to ask her of Denali's future as a riding horse, but I'm just going to go with yes! I don't see why she wouldn't be fine.

Good day with the ponykins, but the world needs order so we'll see what it has in store for us this weekend.

Sweet Pony Mare

Yesterday I went out to the barn to ride and to hand walk, er, fly my kite. She has been SO naughty the past few days while hand walking that I wasn't really looking forward to it, but knew it had to be done.

Once I got to the barn there was a little girl who was having her 2nd lesson. She asked the trainer if she could ride the mighty Morgan and that was fine with me. I figured I'd watch for a little bit. Of course I got bored with watching within 3 seconds and asked if I could borrow her horse. He's and awesome Appendix (you know what Denali was suppose to be!) very fun to ride. He's like riding a Cadillac. He bends, he collects, he is pretty awesome. I only rode him for about ten minutes and then got off. I'm still getting over my fear of riding other horses, and I would feel more comfortable about riding him if it were in a lesson. He was awesome thought. He does spook once in a while (like Denali) and when he does he goes big. Thankfully that didn't happen, and I'm not sure that I would be too thrilled if it did. Baby steps.

I'm 100% confident on the Morgan, who is now collecting on the bit apparently (she use to be a carriage horse so has a bad habit of holding her head way up high.) I guess I do some good with her after all. My trainer said the little girl who also rides her was all excited about how "she" is training the Morgan to collect today during their lesson. My trainer said she just smiled at her and said "good job." I'm glad I can say I'm doing something.

Then it was time for pumpkin's turn outside. I cleared the aisle way and explained that I was going to hand walk Denali and to stay out of her way. I'm sure people thought I was a freak, but my horse can go from 0 to psycho in about 0.2 seconds when she hasn't been turned out. She walked calmly into the arena, and proceeded to be a very good girl! She started sniffing the dirt so I let her drop and roll. I braced myself against her and was waiting for her massive skill of jumping straight up in the air and trying to take off (she has ALWAYS done that.) I kept telling her "easy" and "lets take it slow." Guess what! My horse acted normal. I was so excited. She got lots of love for that. Ah, the simple things in life!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2 Years ago today...

Two years ago today I fulfilled my life long dream and bought my first horse, a 3 year old Appendix, who I quickly realized was a 4 year old OTTB.

Ophelia's mom and I were talking about this last night. When we were ten we'd both draw our dream horse and envision what it would be like when we finally got our first horse.

Let me just say, I never thought I'd be auctioning off my horses shoes to help with the vet bills.

Ms. Denali tonight caused me to be an unruly boarder. Sunday I tried handwalking her and she went into TOTAL RACE HORSE MODE. I decided it was probably the fire works and because I don't want her to kill herself, after she got back up from falling over (yes, she was that graceful in her "I want to run as fast as I can" moves) I pulled her head into me and drug her back to her stall. Naughty pony.

Last night she tried doing the same shit, but I wasn't in the mood. Damn it Denali, I just spent 1,330 dollars on yet ANOTHER vet bill. Don't be a fu@#ing idiot! We'd be walking, walking, walking...take off like a bat out of hell, trying to go over me. One thing is for sure. I have no fear of handling that horse anymore. She pissed me off so bad, that I started dropping the F-Bomb like it was my job. I reprimanded her quickly and got her back to walking, but I'm pretty sure that every other work, if not every word was the F word. Very lady like, and Kindergarten teacher like of me. She did that three times, and finally, FINALLY seemed to realize, hu, I can't do that can I? One time the cat jumped from the top of the wall to the arena (20 feet or so, damn cat) and she flipped out again, but I didn't get too much on her case since it was a weird thing and she didn't try to take off, she just spun around.

Then I started bawling. My trainer thought I was afraid of her and was trying to encourage me. No, I'm not scared, I'm just to that point of frustration that is hard for me to handle. I'm sure you all know what I mean.

I've decided that from now on I'm doing a shot of Whiskey, and I'm giving Denali an extra shot of ACE. I don't even like Whiskey, but maybe it will calm my nerves (okay, so not really going to do either of those things, but sounds like a good idea.)

Also, I wanted to say another HUGE Thank you to my followers!! Last week Denali got her 100th follower and now we're up to 102!!! I really appreciate it, I also appreciate all of the support you give me. You give me the courage to be brave! Sorry I didn't write about it last week, I was so down in the dumps I could have won the lottery and I probably wouldn't have cared!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Haiku for you

Pathetic Owner
hit a new level of Low
She's such a loser.

Am I pathetic? Yes, yes I am.

Feel free to pass that link on to Bill Gates!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I can't even give this post a title. I'm too f!@#ing upset.

Denali is fine before your heart jumps in your mouth.

The vet called me this morning to discuss Denali's leg. She didn't seem to think that there was anything in there and asked me if she could do some more x-rays on it. "Sure!"

A little while later she calls and asks if she can ultrasound it. "Um. Yeah?"

A little while later she calls me to tell me that they're not going to do the surgery after all. Denali tore a ligament (don't remember which one, and too upset to go find her discharge papers) away from the bone, and since here body is trying to heal it they didn't want to go in. It's one of the stabilizing ones.

She said that doing shock wave could help do something (I don't remember what, I think it has to do with resurfacing the area) to keep her sound "for now." For now!? What in the hell. She said that Denali will quickly develop arthritis in that joint and that down the road that injections will help, and possibly fusing the bones in the joint. How !@#$ing Awesome is that!? Shock Wave should slow down the development of arthritis. I put this picture on my facebook and right away someone made a comment of "Oh DO I Have stories of Shockwave and Pilchuck." That's such an appropriate thing to say to someone who JUST had it done (insert upset sarcasm here.)

Know what that means??!

Anyone? Anyone remember how AWESOME my insurance is? I'd love to offer a cash reward, but I don't have any of that anymore.

It means that I get the vet bill. All $1,330.30 of it. Oh how !@#$ great is that! Because I totally have it laying around. Best part? We get to do it again in 2 weeks. UGH!

Worst part? I honestly don't know if I can send her to Pegasus anytime soon. This Vet bill wasn't expected (remember that thing called insurance? Yeah, I expected them to pay.) I know that people should have money saved up for emergencies, and we DID, and then EPM happened, this happened, and the torn suspsensory happened.

Thanks for everyone's concerns and well wishes! Denali got them all. She was a good girl on the way home and HATES, HATES, HATES the wraps on her legs. They come off tomorrow, so that's good!

I need to go find things to sell.... wish me luck!